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When we are thinking about upgrading our homes, we scroll endlessly through Pinterest and look at magazines for inspiration. There are so many styles to choose from, some of which may be modern or traditional. Perhaps you have decided upon choosing something nautical for your home, if you live near the coast you may want to incorporate these elements. How difficult does redirecting have to be? Hiring an interior designer can be great and they can certainly be worth their weight in gold, so that’s something that every new homeowner should certainly look into. You could look into Fletcher Rhodes Interior Design to give you some ideas and inspiration and help you create your dream home. Knowing your styles and having some general ideas can help your interior designer to get a better insight into the styles that you live and what resonates with you and your home. 

The Nautical Home

In concept, nautical design represents its surroundings of the coast. Add some blues, stripes and a deluge of sumptuous amenities, such a BBQ, tapestry and wooden floors and you are going to be able to create a sovereign of sophisticated conceptions. You can see these ideas being brought to life as you begin to see a majestic story unfold. The cozy should include raw unspoiled materials, solid woods and iron detailing, that are softened by delicate fabrics. The house continues the main theme of rural living throughout many open plan rooms; the kitchen lends itself uniquely to social living, with upscale yet functional features. Houses by the coast tend to already have a lot of space already and open plan design. Timbers and exposed beams are often prevalent, merging the outdoor elements with interior splendor. The call of the ocean is also often prevalent throughout the color palettes, with neutrals taking center stage.  The element of the ocean is seen further with contemporary design, wall art and rugs that can make the place feel a little more homely. Keeping things organized is key too! 

The Bohemian Style

To add a little Bohemian style you can make a few changes.  Bohemian design unleashes colors, textures, and patterns in a way that offers a relaxed aesthetic and offers to bring the outdoors indoors. It is eclectic, no doubt, with a nod towards global influence and adds personal touch. You may add specific motifs, silhouettes, and details such floral prints, and embroidery and so to add this to your home you may want to look at:

  1. A variety of textures but often keeping the tones muted. 
  2. Low level seating that incorporates more ancient traditions. 
  3. Don’t use a lot of black only a hint here and there if needed. 
  4. Plants! Add plenty of plants large and small to make the space feel like the outdoors as getting in touch with nature is vital. 
  5. A good mix of light sources including lamps, natural lighting and candles will all give the place a warm glow and make the place feel as if it is glowing! 
  6. Layer fabrics and rugs, this will allow the place to feel as if it has a depth and explores new ideas. 
  7. Patterns! These work well because they are intricate and make the place feel artistic, you can choose any pattern that you want. 
  8. Add vintage or homemade items as this will make the place feel more intimate and also give your home a sense of culture and style. Handwoven items look great and also make the place feel rustic. 

Bohemian style doesn’t have to be expensive even though it does drench your home in style and design. The luxury element comes with knowing what to choose and utilizing the textures and fabrics which will make the area feel plush. 

For furniture you are going to want to look at woods and raw materials, which is also incredibly sustainable so you are in turn helping the environment. Bohemian interior design fuses styles together, so a rustic table with mismatched chairs and African baskets look great and make the place feel more in touch with nature. “Bohemian” was originally a term with pejorative undertones given to Roma gypsies, and you can always match your home aesthetic with your personal aesthetic in a delightful design twist. 

The dark chic look

If you like dark shades and furniture then the traditional look of oaks and deep paints on the walls will probably really inspire you. You are going to want to look at deeper shades of all primary colors and add in some velvet and woods for depth. You will probably want to enhance the room even more so with lighting as you look at redesigning as this is going to make the room feel less dark. You can play around with textures but ideally looking at faux furs is going to be a nice way to make the space feel homely. As well as: 

  1. Looking at a bookcase – this is a really classy addition to your home, and if you have a bookcase already then look at giving it an overhaul. Refresh your books, donate the old ones and trade in for new ones and use book ends for added glamour.
  2. Use golds well – golds always look good with deeper shades of blues and reds because they bring some light back into the mix. Add gold decor and lamps to add some chic touches! 
  3. Good lighting and new lamps – think about changing up your lighting and get some lamps and this will make your home look elegant. Tall lamps work incredibly well because they offer space on your counter tops and you can sit them in a corner and highlight one specific area. Simple monochrome, gold or silver lamps can make the space look brand new.
  4. Change knobs on your furniture – this can really enhance old furniture and make things look a little more put together.  Again, metals work well and will look chic.

Changing and upgrading doesn’t have to be difficult but if you have these ideas in mind for your interior designer, then you will certainly be on the right track! 

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