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We all want our families to be as happy and healthy as possible, and making this a reality is about more than getting some exercise and limiting the amount of sugary and fatty foods in the cupboards (though they do, of course, have a role to play).

It begins in our home.

Our surroundings play a bigger role in our health than we often realize — staying healthy is about more than the inches on our waist! There are plenty of different aspects of the home that contributes to our physical and mental health. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can give your home a nudge in the right direction when it comes to your health.


8 Ways to Create a Healthier Home

Deep Cleaning

A little bit of dust here and there might not seem like the biggest issue in the world, but think of it this way: that dust isn’t just sitting there on the floor and on the bookshelves. It’s also ending up in your lungs. If you’re finding that you’re sneezing, wheezing, and coughing and there’s no reason why, then it could be because of the dust particles in the air.

Of course, all homes attract dust, some more than others, so it’s not something you can eliminate naturally — you’ll just need to make a habit of daily dusting and deep cleaning.

Non-Chemical Products

But when it comes to deep cleaning, make sure you’re looking at the ingredients of the products you’re using. There are plenty of nasty chemicals which are, admittedly, excellent for cleaning, but not so good for our lungs. When you use them, they’re not just staying on the surface upon which they were sprayed; the toxins are entering the air, which will eventually find their way to into your nose and mouth. There are all-natural alternatives that you can, and in some cases you can even make your own.

It’ll help to keep your air pure.

Houseplants Galore

Keeping things clean will keep the status quo in place, but it won’t necessarily make your home a healthier place to be. One way to do this is to fill your home with houseplants. They’re an excellent way to purify the air, boost your home’s sensory experience, and also give your mental health a nudge in the right direction, too. Perhaps it’s because human beings belong in the great outdoors, but studies have shown that plants can help to make us happier.

So filling your home with lovely green plants won’t just improve the quality of the air — it’ll make your property a happier place to be, too.

Eating and Drinking

If we want to be healthy, then we need to eat and drink well. Alas, sometimes even when we think that’s what we’re doing, we can be mistaken. Take water, for example. It’s easy to see all water the same, but this is not the case — some are more pure than others. Depending on where you live, you might find that your water has more chemicals and unhealthy substances in it than you realized.

To remove this problem, look at getting a water filter from It’ll help to remove hundreds on contaminants that affect the overall quality of your water. Another mistake people make is thinking that all fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional value — they don’t! There’s a big difference between a locally sourced vegetable and one that was shipped in from across the country.

If you have space on your property, why not look at setting up your own vegetable garden? They’re easier to get underway than you might imagine, and, no time at all, you’ll be able to eat fresh, high-quality produce right from your yard (which, by the by, is deeply satisfying).  




Relaxing Spaces

Our homes aren’t just spaces to lay our head at night. They’re also spots where we relax and retreat from the modern world. Or so goes the idea. Modern homes, which are nearly always and completely connected to some sort of technology, often lack this feature. While it can be fun to browse the web and watch television and so on, it’s not all that good for our mental health.

As such, take a look at creating relaxing spaces at your property. You’ll be giving your family’s mental health a boost if they’re able to fully unwind and de-stress. A tech-free room filled with comfortable seating, books, and so on could be one way to go.

Noise and Light

To be at our healthiest best, then we need to be well-rested, and the cornerstone of a well-rested body is a good night’s sleep. Alas, sometimes that just isn’t possible, depending on the state of our bedroom. In some cases, it’s far too light or noisy. Even if we think we’re getting a full night of rest, this isn’t always the case, if we’re being woken up multiple times throughout the night, even if it’s for a moment.

As such, it’s worthwhile figuring out how to make your family’s bedrooms a sleep-friendly space. This could mean adding blackout-curtains if it’s too dark outside, or soundproofing the room if it’s too noisy (or buying earplugs).

In the Yard

Remember earlier, how we mentioned that humans belong in the outdoors? Well, it’s true, and that’s why it’s important that you create a yard area in which you want to spend time. It’s a subtle difference, being indoors or outdoors, but one that has a big impact on our overall happiness and health levels. If you have a space that’s currently looking a bit basic, spend some time bringing it up to speed.

You’d be amazed what decking, outdoor furniture, and a few plants can do for the overall look and feel of the yard.

Healthier Practices

Finally, make sure you’re encouraging healthy practices amongst your family. Buy some soap, cleansing wipes, and antibacterial gel, and keep them in the important places around the home. If everyone follows the best healthy living tips, then everyone will benefit, and there’ll be fewer illnesses.

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