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Throughout this global pandemic, those of us lucky enough to have yard space have been blessed to have a place where we can breathe in the fresh air, witness nature in all its glory, exercise, and have fun without putting ourselves at risk. We’ve realized the value of having good outdoor space and now we want to take full advantage.

That’s why I’ve put together some tips to help you turn your backyard into a fun entertainment space for family and friends to enjoy even more.

Get a patio

If your backyard is almost entirely lawn, you may want to think about hiring a residential concrete contractor to create a patio are`. Why? Because a concrete patio is perfect for placing your outdoor furniture on, It’s firm and level and gives you a great place from which to sit and enjoy the rest of the garden.

Invest in comfy furniture

A lot of garden furniture is pretty uncomfortable especially if it’s made from thin plastic which can be hot, sticky, and prone to blowing over in a breeze. If you’re serious about making your garden a fun entertainment space, investing in better garden furniture is a good idea, Wicker, solid wood and metal furniture with cushions are all great, as are floor cushions for the kids, but try a few sets out and see what’s most comfortable for you.

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Zone it

Separating your garden into various zones is a good way to make it entertaining for the whole family, For example, you could have the patio zone which acts as a relaxing space/ place to eat and chat to family, a lawn space with toys and swings to keep the kids happy, a concrete space for the dog to play, a hidden nook that’s great for getting away from it all, and so on. Obviously, choose zoning ideas that work for you and keep them separate using fences, walls, shrubs, or even screens depending on the aesthetic you want.

Install a fire pit

Fire pits not only look good, but they are great for ensuring that you’re all warm and cozy on those chillier evenings, which means you can spend more time in the garden than might have been possible before. If you can, placing your fire pit in the center of a sunken seating area is a great way of creating a fun space for the family to gather, tell stories and enjoy the outdoors.

Consider an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is literally like an indoor kitchen, only outside, It has worktops and cooking space and everything you need to feed and water your guests and make them happy. It’s a great addition to any backyard space.

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Build a shelter

From pergolas to summerhouses, having some form of shelter you can all retreat to if the weather gets too hot or it starts to rain is so important when you’re entertaining outdoors.

Your outdoor space is basically an extra room so treat it as such, set it up for entertaining, and enjoy it all the more.

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