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When the weather is cold outside, it’s great to get toasty and warm inside. But the way you heat your home can have a huge impact on your bills and energy use, with a lot of energy wasted easily if your home isn’t properly taken care of.

Learning the best ways to heat your home can help you save money and use less energy – something that’s great for your purse and the environment! Take a look at some of these tips.

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Repair any drafty areas

Having a draft in your home means putting the heating on is useless – you’ll be heating outside more than the inside of your home! Take a look to see if there are any drafty areas, particularly windows and doors. If you need to replace them, make sure you read Lakeside Renovation and Design’s replacement window buying guide first, it will help you make the right decision.

Replacing windows and doors is an expense, but it’s a valuable long-term investment for your home.

Make the most of your drapes

Your drapes are an important source of heating for your home. Open them during the day to let the light in and allow the sun to heat your home naturally. When you get home, close them to provide some additional insulation that will keep the room warm in the evening. You can even buy some amazing thermal drapes that are perfect for providing extra warmth where it’s needed.

Improve your insulation

Improving the insulation in your home can make your heating more effective, ensuring the heat stays in. Older homes, in particular, can suffer from poor insulation, which means you might feel the cold more. There are different ways of adding insulation to an existing home, which could even add some value to your home in the future.

Book an inspection and benefit from the newest insulation techniques to add more warmth to your home.

Use simple ways of staying warm

If you’re looking for some energy-efficient ways of heating your home, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of options available to you. For a start, you could try wearing some additional layers at home and use a hot water bottle in bed. You can also think about changing your heating system altogether for something that’s kinder to the environment.

If you can, try turning the thermostat down a few degrees and see how you get on. It’ll save you some money on your bills, and make sure you save energy for the environment too.

When it comes to heating your home, it’s important to get it right. By choosing the right heating options, you can save money while also doing your bit for a greener planet too.

If making your home greener through improving your home’s heating has given you the bug for greener practices, then take a look at some other ways of making your home more energy-efficient. It only takes some small changes to make a big difference.

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