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A sensory backyard is an excellent feature for your home to have. It’s a good idea for children, whether they are neurodivergent or neurotypical, and it makes the space more enjoyable for adults too. By turning your backyard into a sensory paradise, you can make it somewhere the whole family wants to spend more time. There are many techniques you can use to introduce lots of sights, sounds, scents, things to touch and even tastes to your backyard. Here are some of the things you could change in your garden if you want it to delight the senses and be a fun place to play or relax.


Introduce Different Scents


Having a garden full of different scents is a great way to make your backyard more sensory. There are lots of different scents that can permeate your yard or that you might have to get up close to smell. It’s a way to interact with the things that you plant and enjoy everything in different ways. At the same time, you can also stimulate the sense of taste. Since smell is a large part of what we taste, some strong fragrances offer one way to do this. But you could also plant edible things so you’re able to taste what’s in your garden too.

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Set Up Play Equipment


Many pieces of play equipment are good for offering things to touch. You can consider different types of play equipment that provide varying experiences when it comes to touch and movement. A swing is a fun addition to your backyard that comes with lots of physical benefits, including helping to improve balance and coordination. It can also boost the mood, and it can be soothing too. Sandboxes are another good sensory activity if you want to add something to touch and be hands-on with to your backyard.


Add a Water Feature (But Make It Safe)


Water adds sound to your backyard and can be excellent to touch and play with too. There are various ways to add water to your backyard. If you’re thinking about a pool, this guide from Fair And Square Pools gives you an idea of how much it might take to install one. On a smaller scale, you might consider a water feature like a fountain or bird bath, or perhaps a water table to play with. Whatever you choose, make sure that you put safety first when it comes to water.


Make It Colorful


Adding lots of colorful elements to your backyard will make it a sight to behold too. You can use many things to add color, from plants to play equipment, and more. There are plenty of natural colors that you can introduce, but then you can use whatever you like to make it as colorful as possible. During the winter, it can sometimes be harder to keep your yard as colorful, so using some hardscaping elements for color is a good idea.


Making your backyard more sensory is a great idea for kids, and it makes it a better space for you too.

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