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If you have a garden you are in an excellent position to support your kids in being more healthy and more active by spending more time moving around out there.


It is so important that kids are able to run around and burn off energy not only for their physical health, but also for their mental health and it is easier to do that when you have access to your own yard space.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to set your garden up in such a way that it encourages healthy activity in your kids: 

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Install a trampoline


What child does not enjoy the thrill of bounding high into the heavens with the sun beating down on their face? Trampolines are almost universally popular and they are surprisingly good for keeping trim and working a wide range of muscles. Kids who bounce daily will almost certainly be fitter than their couch potato friends. If you don’t like the look of regular trampolines, you can actually have them set into the ground of your garden, which means they are much easier to cover up when not in use.


Get a pool


Okay, so this is not a cheap option, but if your kids love to swim, then installing one of these Gunite Pools, which look great, last a long time, and most importantly, encourage the kids to take a swim, can be a good idea. Most kids will spend as much time as they possibly can in their very own pool, and they will get lots of healthy exercise if they do. Worried about pool safety? As long as you have a pool cover or gate, there is little to worry about.


Encourage wildlife


Encouraging wildlife to come into your garden by planting lots of wildflowers and putting out bird seed and nuts for squirrels is not only a good way to teach your children about nature, but it can also be a good way to help them stay active if you encourage them to chase down butterflies and run around tracking birds or whatever. They’ll have so much fun that they won’t even realize they are getting lots of healthy exercise in.




Of course, getting them to help you put with the gardening is probably the best way you can use your garden to help your kids stay active. Not only will you get lots of help with the weeding and the planting, but the kids will learn a lot about how we grow our food and what the various plants and flowers are, so it will be very educational too, It will also help to give them a sense of pride and accomplishment when the seeds they helped to plant bloom into wonderful plants and flowers.


The more time your kids spend running around outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and absorbing vitamin D, the healthier they will be in pretty much every way you can think of, so be sure to make your garden more active if you can!


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