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Winter can be a wonderful time of year when you can wrap up in your winter woollies and sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate. 

However, winter storms can cause untold damage to properties. Indeed research suggests that nearly 63% of people are still dealing with the aftermaths of bad weather from the previous year. 

If you would like specific tips to keep your home free from damage this post is a good start. The following tips are specifically about preparing your home for the harsh winter weather. They will help you prepare for the cold ensuring that as little damage as possible by following some simple and straightforward preventative tasks.

Heating Systems

No matter how old your heating system is, getting it serviced by a professional before the cold weather will ensure it continues to function effectively when the cold hits. A professional will check the filters, pipes and ensure the system is ready for the months ahead. You really don’t want your heating system to break down when the cold weather hits. 

Exterior of your Property

If you have wood on the exterior of your property then treating it from the harsh weather will ensure it lasts. Cold or extreme temperatures can rot and crack wood. Preserving it by treating it once a year will see that it is protected. This is also true of your roof. Check for any existing damage such as loose or damaged tiles. Hire a roofing specialist to fix these problems to ensure you aren’t left with a leaking roof or a roof that gets damaged by the sheer volume of snow. 


Storms during wintertime come with a lot of rain. 

This can have a huge impact on a home especially if it floods. In preparation for winter ensure you clear all drains, ensure there are areas where water doesn’t sit by filling any dips with soil.  


If you have a fireplace, ensure you have a professional clean the chimney to ensure smoke can escape. This ensures you can light your fire without hassle and also means a professional can recommend any maintenance that needs to be carried out prior to winter. 


Ensure your garden furniture is stored in a dry place over winter. Protect your plants by wrapping them in horticultural fleece to keep them thriving during the cold months. Consider adding fertilizer to your lawn to keep it fed during this period too. This will ensure it will look its best when spring comes along.

Emergency Contacts

Ensure you have pulled together a list of emergency contacts should the weather be so bad that you will require help. Government websites are a great source of information, so print emergency numbers out to have at hand.

These are just a few of the ways you can prepare your home for winter. They will ensure you are prepared for whatever winter has in store and get you into spring without any worry. The above tips will also help ensure you keep up with the maintenance of your home.

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