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Black mold in your home can pose a serious health hazard to you and your family. If you spot any, it’s vital that you deal with it straight away. When you ignore a mold problem, it only gets worse and the health problems it causes can be incredibly serious. The good news is, if you take action right away, you can get rid of mold before it causes any damage to your home. Here’s what you need to do if you spot mold in your home. 

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Clean It Off

The first step in dealing with black mold is to clean it up. If you can wipe the mold, do so. Be thorough and get rid of every last bit you can. You can get specific mold cleaners that will kill it, but you can also use a bleach and water solution. Getting rid of the mold right away will stop it from spreading, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the problem is solved. 

Work Out The Source

Once you’ve taken care of the mold, you need to consider what might have caused it and how it could be prevented in the future. Sometimes, mold is caused by condensation. If you notice mold around the window, especially in the bathroom or the kitchen, it’s likely that this is just caused by condensation and steam. If you clean it off and then make sure that the room is well ventilated, it shouldn’t come back. However, if it is coming through the walls, it could be deep set damp caused by water leaking in from the outside, and this is a much bigger problem. 

Call In A Professional Restoration Service 

If you have a serious mold problem, you need some professional help. Look for restoration companies who will be able to deal with mold, as well as any water damage the problem has caused. They can clean up the damage and then help you deal with the root cause so the mold doesn’t return in the future. If you don’t tackle the cause, the mold will just keep coming back over and over and cleaning it off will just cover the problem for a while. 

Stop It From Coming Back

Once the restoration company has got rid of all the mold, you need to consider ways to stop it from coming back. If you have condensation or steam building up in a particular room, this is likely to be the cause and so you just need to keep that room well ventilated. If there’s a water leak that causes deep set damp, you need to get the pipes fixed so that the water doesn’t keep seeping in. You also need to keep your home clean because a dirty home is more prone to mold. As long as you stay on top of home maintenance, you should be able to keep the mold at bay. 


Mold spores can cause a lot of health problems so you should never ignore them. As soon as you spot mold in your home, take these steps to tackle it. 


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