A Simple Guide To Cleaning Your Windows (Streak-Free Every Time!) 4

A Simple Guide To Cleaning Your Windows (Streak-Free Every Time!)

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A Simple Guide To Cleaning Your Windows (Streak-Free Every Time!) 5

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The windows in your house are one of the most underappreciated features. They let natural light into the home and provide you with a way of experience the lovely views outside. Unfortunately, they’re also prone to getting dirty very quickly. All it takes is one rain shower to leave your windows in a dirty state! 

As such, let’s address this by learning how to clean your windows. Below, you’ll see some essential tips to ensure your windows are left clean and completely streak-free:

Create a vinegar solution

The number one window cleaning mistake is to use commercial cleaning products. Now, I’ve written a whole article on cleaning products you can make at home, and one of the inclusions was a vinegar-based window cleaner. Check out that article for the full ‘recipe’. In essence, the acid from the vinegar acts as a way of cutting through the dirt and grime on your windows. This offers a thorough clean that’s easy to achieve. More importantly, making the product yourself will avoid streaks. Streaky windows usually occur due to other ingredients in commercial cleaning products. Get rid of them, and you’ll be fine. 

Use a squeegee

A squeegee is basically the tool that professional window cleaners use. You can use a microfiber cloth or a sponge, but this is far superior. It allows you to get a much more consistent clean throughout, and it also helps you avoid any streaks whatsoever. Get your hands on one of these, then be sure to always clean the window from top to bottom! One pro tip is to wipe the squeegee surface after every time you wipe down the window. 

Rinse and dry the frames

A mistake most people make is they don’t rinse off or dry the window frames. This vinegary solution can damage your frames if it’s left on for too long. Ideally, avoid getting it on the frame as much as possible. To be extra safe, always dry the frames when you’ve finished cleaning. This is also an excellent chance to check the frames for signs of damage. If you spot clean signs that the frame has deteriorated, then stop what you’re doing. There’s no need for cleaning the window as it will likely need to be repaired or replaced. You can check out texashomeimprovement.com for more information on replacement windows. Any damage to the window frames may have been caused by your old washing technique, or most likely from general wear and tear/bad weather. 

Use a pole for high windows

Lastly, make sure you use a large telescopic pole to clean your high windows. You could get a ladder, but a pole is a lot safer. You can easily buy one online if you search for a window cleaning pole.

There you go: follow these tips to clean your windows safely and effectively. With the right washing solution and technique, you’ll get rid of the toughest dirt and have shiny new windows that are free from any streaks. In turn, this brightens up your home!

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