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A mom’s to-do list is neverending. Just when you think you’ve worked your way through everything, your kid will announce that they’ve got to bring something to a bake sale tomorrow or that they need help with their homework (and the deadline was yesterday).  As a result, it can be hard to find time for cleaning – especially when most of this responsibility falls on your shoulders. 

That being said, there are some ways in which you can quickly and effectively spring clean your home without taking up too much of your time. This means you can even carve some time out in your schedule for some important self-care and won’t have to spend hours scrubbing at your furniture. 

With that in mind, here are some simple and straightforward ways in which you can treat your home to some much-needed TLC this spring. 

  • The benefits of an organized home are clear – therefore, you should ensure that you prioritize good organization above all else. Ensure that your kids understand that there is a place for everything and that everything should be put back in its place when not in use. 
  • Find ways to minimize clutter – don’t allow your countertops to become crowded. Install extra shelving in areas where clutter appears to be the most prominent. 
  • If you feel as though you are constantly drowning in a sea of toys and clutter, invest in some smart storage solutions for your children’s room. This could range from traditional toy chests to under-bed storage – and can help keep your home much cleaner. 
  • When cleaning, you should start from the top and work your way down. For example, you can begin by cleaning away any dust and webs from your ceilings before working your way through the room – finishing with hoovering or mopping where appropriate. 
  • Ensure that you have all of the materials you need to clean your home. This could include materials such as dusters, wipes, brushes, and mops. Having the correct utensils at hand can make cleaning easier and more effective – which could save you both time and money. 
  • Cast aside expensive cleaning products in favor of simple yet effective cleaning products that you can make at home for a fraction of the price. 
  • Start creating to-do lists that work for you and adhere to your schedule. Planning out exactly what you need to do and when can make it easier to get on top of home maintenance.
  • Put together a cleaning rota for everyone in the family. After all, you shouldn’t have to take on the cleaning by yourself – and it can help teach your kids essential life skills. For example, each of your children can be in charge of keeping track of their room – and you can gradually increase their responsibility over time. Focus on assigning them quick and simple tasks, such as emptying the garbage or reloading the dishwasher. 
  • Sometimes, no matter how hard you may scrub at your carpet, you’ll be unable to remove those pesky stains on your own, especially if they have been around for a while.  However, you can combat this issue quickly by working with a company that offers hot water extraction carpet cleaning – who will leave your carpet looking like brand new in no time. 
  • Tackle your cleaning on a room-by-room basis. You don’t have to clean the entire home at once, as this may take up too much time you don’t have. If you want to ease yourself into the process, start on the rooms that are used less frequently, as they may be easier to tackle than others. 
  • Remember to pay attention to areas that may not be cleaned as frequently as others. This could include that cupboard that you use to store important files (and hope never to have to open) and the skirting boards. Regular deep cleaning of all areas in your home can really change how your home looks and feels. 
  • Go through your cupboards one at a time, and throw away things that you no longer need or use – as they are just taking up unnecessary space in your home. For example, there is no reason for you to be storing expired medication or to keep hold of a jacket that you haven’t worn in years. 
  • When dusting, don’t forget the undersides of furniture. For example, the bottoms of your chairs and sofas often attract large amounts of dust over time and are often neglected when it comes to cleaning as it isn’t immediately visible. 
  • If you have fabric sofas and chairs, remove the cushion covers and launder them. Ensure to add a sweet-smelling fabric softener to the mix for an extra treat. Many cushion covers are suitable for machine washing, but be sure to check ahead of time in case you need to send them to a drycleaning facility. 
  • Take down your curtains and clean them thoroughly once a year. This can prevent dust build-up and means your curtains will always look great. However, if you are concerned about dust in your home, it may be worth switching to blinds that are much easier to clean. 
  • Certain areas of your home are more likely to accumulate mold than others. Bathroom and kitchen tiles are often a key culprit when it comes to this. However, you don’t have to buy expensive mold remover to tackle this issue – you can use baking soda and a little water. It’s vital that you tackle these issues sooner rather than later, as they could cause a significant threat to your health if untreated. 
  • Don’t forget about your attic space or garage – even if they are only used for storage. Don’t allow them to be the space where you just throw things into without proper organization, as this will enable clutter to get out of hand. 
  • Remember that most of your everyday utensils require a deep clean from time to time too. For example, you should descale your kettle and coffee maker once a month to ensure they work to their full potential. Empty the crumbs out of your toaster, and clean your oven.
  • Clean outdoor furniture – such as tables and chairs – with dish soap and warm water. You can then wash away any of the excess soap with your garden hose, making your furniture look brand new. 
  • Mix a small amount of your favorite essential oil with water for a homemade air freshener that can breathe life into your home. As the oils do not stain, they shouldn’t damage or stain fabric furniture either – and it can make your home smell great.
  • Over time, your microwave will become coated in a thin layer of grime. You can remove this quickly by mixing lemon juice, water, and vinegar in a bowl and turning on the microwave. When condensation begins to build, turn off the microwave and allow the bowl to sit for five to ten minutes. Then, you can wipe away at the grime – leaving your microwave looking as good as new. 
  • Find ways of keeping cleaning as fun as possible. For example, you can challenge your children to see who can put away their toys the quickest. Whoever gets the faster time wins a prize. This is an excellent way of ensuring that your children will get involved with daily household tasks. 
  • Keep yourself entertained when cleaning by listening to your favorite music or interesting podcasts.  
  • Don’t put off your spring cleaning. Even if it is time-consuming, even if you can’t be bothered – putting it back to a later date will make the job harder. Remember, the sooner you get started – the sooner you’ll finish. 


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