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Welcome back to another Freebie Friday! This week we’re continuing with our series of Bible story printables for kids and staying in Genesis. So far we’ve covered The Creation Story and the story of Adam and Eve. We kicked off this series, which is really a mini-series of a bigger series of Christian printables for kids, with an Apostle’s Creed for Toddlers pack. And today’s pack, a free Noah’s Ark printable pack is one of my biggest yet but still not complete! When I make the additions to it, I’ll update this post and offer the updates as their own download as well.

As we continue in our series of Bible story printable packs, this week we're covering the story of Noah's Ark. One of my biggest packs to date, I hope that your family will enjoy this!

I’ll say first, the only thing that wasn’t actually included in this pack was a condensed version of the actual story in the Bible. I wanted this to be a little bit more flexible in that aspect. But when I do the update for this pack, I’ll include a mini-story as part of the big download or you can download that on it’s own.

What’s inside the Noah’s Ark Printable Pack

One of the biggest components of this pack are 3 part cards- I believe there are 18 pages of those alone! Here’s a full break down of what you get in this pack:

  • Coloring pages (with and without Bible verses
  • Day of the Week Cards (traceable and non-traceable versions)
  • Number Cards (1-40- traceable and non-traceable versions)
  • Alphabet Cards (two versions- one with a rainbow and one with the ark)
  • Matching cards (using clip-art)
  • 3 Part Cards (important to note that the animals are not in pairs and while I couldn’t include every single animal, I tried to get a fair representation)

As with last week’s pack, you can download the 3 Part Cards on their own if you’d like to use them outside of the whole pack. I will also be offering more 3 Part Cards as we start with our Tot school- both as a part of Tot packs like this or on their own.

>>>> Noah’s Ark Printable Pack <<<<

>>>> Noah’s Ark 3 Part Cards <<<<

By downloading, you are agreeing to my Terms of Use – whether you have read them or not. And if you need an alternate download location, please let me know and I will be happy to arrange something for you!

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