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Moving house can be one of the most stressful events in life. Throw in some kids and it gets even messier. However, with some good planning, a house move with kids can be a success.


If you’re planning a move soon, you may need some tried and tested tips. Take a look at what you need to know.


Pack Essentials

Along with the other boxes you’re packing for your house move, you should have one labeled ‘essentials’. In this box, you’ll have everything you need to get through the first twenty four hours. It could be clothing, toys, bedding, snacks, and any other items you know your child will ask for.


It’s also worth putting in a kettle and tea bags for a hot cup of tea when you need it. Entertainment like crayons and coloring books or phones and tablets are always good for the journey there or occupying children while you’re trying to unpack.


Plumbing and Electrics

When you’re moving home with kids, you’ll want to walk into a home that’s ready for you. You don’t want to be going days without hot water for a bath or electricity to switch on the TV. Make sure to find trustworthy electricians and plumbers in your area who can get everything up and running before you move in.


Click here to learn more about electricians who can help. It’s always worth having numbers on hand in case of any future emergencies.


Book a Babysitter

There will be some jobs you just can’t get done with little ones around. If you have family and friends nearby, ask them to watch your children while you get prioritized jobs done. This could be painting the walls, setting the kids bedrooms or playrooms up, or unpacking everything in the time you have.


If you prioritize the kids’ bedrooms first, they’ll have somewhere to play while you tackle the rest of the rooms in your home. Expect your children to seek attention while you’re trying to get important jobs done; they don’t understand the importance of your tasks.


Get Them Involved

If your kids are a little older, they’ll be able to help out with the move. It could be anything from unpacking boxes to making decisions about their own spaces. Decorating their own rooms can help to get them enthusiastic about moving.


Take your kids on a tour of your new neighborhood to find activities they could do. Drive by the local parks, take a stroll through the local mall, and visit their new school. All of these introductions will help your children to settle in easier.


Keep Their Feelings In Mind

Moving home can be emotional for young children. They’re suddenly leaving everything they knew for the unknown. It’s a big change and it can bring out big emotions.


In the chaos of moving, be sure to check in with your children and find out how they’re doing. The last boxes can wait until tomorrow if your child needs you.


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