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As a parent, it can be challenging to avoid parenting burnout as you have yourself to take care of, your children to look after, and tasks to take on to maintain your home. It is tough to juggle them all at once. 


Although your health and your children’s health are of the utmost importance, it is essential to take care of your home too. It might sound like too much to have this responsibility. However, with the proper knowledge, you can maintain your home with minimal effort. Hence, your lifestyle might seem easier to juggle, and being a parent might not feel overwhelming. 


Here are some great tips to help you maintain your home with less effort.

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Seek help when things go wrong

Although you might want to fix household issues yourself, it will only take more of your time and could result in more stress. Therefore, seeking help when things go wrong is a great way to maintain your home with minimal effort. 


For example, you might experience a leaking pipe. Calling an expert for a plumbing service will ensure you do not worsen the issue and have to stress about attaining the knowledge and tools to do it yourself. And, you will guarantee to fix the problem and minimize the risk of it happening again. 


You can seek help for all kinds of problems. Just make sure to be proactive and ask for help when you need it.


Declutter your home

A way to keep your home clean with minimal effort is to declutter. The fewer things you have in your house, the less stuff you need to tidy away. 


You and your children will likely have many things that are unused or do not add value to your life. Hence, you should think about disposing of them and giving them a better home so that you don’t struggle to find a place for them. 


You should tackle each room simultaneously so the decluttering process does not feel too overwhelming. Plus, tackling one room at a time will encourage you to get rid of more. You won’t give it as much thought if you try to tackle multiple things at once. If you declutter a drawer at a time, you will likely gather more things to throw out. 


The less stuff you have in your home, the more space you will have. A minimal and spacious home is much easier to maintain. 


Create a routine

As a parent, routine is essential. It is suitable for you, excellent for your kids, and ideal for maintaining your home. 


A routine is beneficial for maintaining your home and giving it less effort. If you stick to a cleaning routine and scheduled maintenance, you will notice how much easier it is to keep your home clean, safe, and tidy.


Try sticking to a weekly routine, so the home doesn’t become too messy and too much of a task to tackle each time. Having less to do will make maintenance quicker and easier. 

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Kori is a late diagnosed autistic/ADHD mom. She is currently located in Albany, NY where she is raising a neurodiverse family. Her older daughter is non-speaking autistic (and also has ADHD and Anxiety) and her youngest daughter is HSP/Gifted. A blogger, podcaster, writer, product creator, and coach; Kori shares autism family life- the highs, lows, messy, and real. Kori brings her own life experiences as an autistic woman combined with her adventures in momming to bring you the day-to-day of her life at home. Kori is on a mission to empower moms of autistic children to make informed parenting decisions with confidence and conviction.

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