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Welcome back to another week of Mommy Camp for Toddlers! This week, we’re going to focus on numbers. Learning about numbers, much like the alphabet, takes place in the every day situations. For example, something as simple as counting cheerios or just reciting numbers 1-10 or 1-20 or 1-5 … can have a lasting impact and form a solid foundation. But, the point with mommy camp is to keep it informal and let learning happen as it will. Don’t try to force any of this and when your toddler is showing signs of boredom, take a break or stop all together.

This week in Mommy Camp for Toddlers, we're talking about learning numbers!

Is there a right or wrong time to introduce numbers?

I say no because it’s like any learning opportunity. It doesn’t have to happen at any given time and it doesn’t have to happen at any specific order in terms of a child’s developmental age. All children learn differently and at their own time.

So how do you start introducing numbers to toddlers?

The same way that you would introduce any new concept. Use whatever you have around you. Count toys, blocks, articles of clothing, cheerios, etc. Point out numbers when you’re running errands. For example, if you take your toddler to the grocery store with you, there is a plethora of numbers to be found. Start by pointing them out and talking to your toddler about them.

Other easy ways to introduce numbers are simply by counting and using your fingers or toes to demonstrate.

Yes, it may seem simple and easy- but that’s the point. Toddlers are not meant to be sat down and given worksheets. And by letting learning happen on it’s own time, your toddler just may surprise you one day.

Fun Ways to Introduce Numbers to Toddlers:

And here’s a little peek into our own lives, Squeaker counting 1-10 (mostly…) … she was 17 months in this video

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