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We all want the best schools possible for our kids. It’s why we attend endless open days and put their names down well before school age. This is, after all, where they’re going to spend some of their most formative days. These early classroom experiences can determine everything from their methods of learning to the way they interact with others.

Traditionally, choosing a school has been about looking for high test scores and the most qualified teachers. In recent years, though, looking for facilities which are keeping on top with modernization is also a must. 

Of course, every new generation of kids brings different needs, but never is that more the case than with the current generation. Our kids’ lives are drastically different from the lives of children even five or ten years ago. As parents, we rely on the school system to keep on top of these changes.

Obviously, modernization is most notable in schools through the use of technology. This is something many facilities are making room for. In fact, the education system now ensures that kids can do their homework through the computer in most cases. Equally, many school interactions now take place through text messages and other easy modern methods.

When looking for a school, though, it’s vital to note that modernization is about more than just computers in classrooms. In reality, many facilities with the best technologies are still dated in a host of ways which can prove problematic. To understand the scope of the problem, we’re going to consider a few of them here. 

Outdated school buildings

The most apparent modernization issue facing our schools to date is that of old school buildings. Many schools are dated to the degree that some don’t even meet modern wiring needs. As such, an entire rewiring would be necessary for older facilities before children could enjoy the benefits of multi-computer classrooms. 

Technology aside, even modern building standards aren’t always accounted for in our oldest schools. These buildings often fall into disrepair as maintenance and general work go unchecked by local governments. Schools then simply don’t have the budget to contact a trusted builder or roofing company to clean things up and replace parts of the building as necessary. This can leave our kids at risk of issues such as damp, and even hazardous structures.

This is a problem which is especially prevalent in busy city areas and urban districts where more parents are actually liable to send their children. While you might not think a building survey will be necessary when deciding the best place for your child, then, you may want to take a look at more than just the artwork on the walls during school open days.

Teachers without adequate training

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Once, teachers with experience were a definite selling point for any school, but that might not be the case any longer. This is because many older teachers themselves fear that they no longer understand the educational needs of our children. Some even fear that the implementation of ed-tech would make their current teaching methods entirely ineffective. When considering schools, then, any parent should consider the teacher’s capabilities to meet these modern education needs. The best facilities are now those who make space for online learning and the various benefits it can bring, especially to children of mixed abilities. Schools who hire freshly trained staff are more liable to offer this benefit, as are those with ed-tech training in place for existing team members.

Policies which don’t take modern problems into account

Lastly, school policies should come under fire with modern schooling needs in mind. This is especially the case with things like anti-bullying policies, as social media now means that bullies can follow children home each day. Knowing that a school has a particular policy in place to address cyberbullying is vital for any modern parent. Equally, policies around the use of mobile phones and such in school should come as standard to ensure some level of control during break times. One thing’s sure; a school which attempted to fit outdated policies onto modern children would struggle to address the needs of kids in their care adequately. And, that’s not something any parent wants.

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Keeping these things in mind or even saying something if you notice a modernization gap could make a huge difference to your child. It would certainly enable you to rest easy that their school was doing more to meet their needs than simply providing computer-based homework on the odd occasion. 

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