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When you rent a home, it can be quite restrictive. You want to put your own stamp on a property or live in the house as you please. However, you may find that you can’t make changes to the home. 

When it comes to moving out of a property, landlords generally want the house returned to them in the same condition as it was initially leased to you. During this time there may have been some pedestrian wear-and-tear, which allowances should generally be made for. However, anything outside of that in terms of damage may result in you losing part, or all of your bond. 

6 Tips for Moving Out of a Rented Property

Give Yourself Time

Allow plenty of time between moving out of the property and the end of your tenancy. If you are able to give up to a week between them, this would be ideal. This will give you the opportunity to deal with any issues with the house that might affect getting your bond returned. 

Once you have got all of your possessions packed up and moved out, then you can make a proper assessment of the work that needs doing on cleaning up the house. 

Deep Clean

While you were probably model tenants during your time, and you may well look after the home as if it was your own. During the time in your home, you probably vacuumed regularly. But, keeping the home dust-free is one thing, dealing with the dirt that may have been hidden behind furniture is essential.

Look at local carpet cleaning companies to get someone to bring the floor back to an excellent state. Over a period of a few years, after a carpet has been walked over thousands of times, it can pick up quite a bit of dirt which does get pushed down into the fabric. A carpet shampoo will be necessary to help bring the carpet back to it’s the best state. 

Make sure ovens, showers and skirting boards are all given a good wash. There may be dirt or grease buildup that requires attention. Consider using a strong degreaser to get these areas very clean.

A Lick Of Paint

Where furniture or people passing may have scuffed your interior walls. If you’re able to touch up any marks like this with fresh paint, you should do. Make sure the colour and shade of the paint match perfectly though. 

Fill Any Holes

If you’ve had pictures hung on your walls, you may need to fill any holes left by picture hooks. Usually, this will just need a small amount of filler and possibly a touch of paint on top. 

Let It Air

Leave the windows and doors open in the home for a while to let some fresh air circulate.

Don’t Forget The Garden

If you have a garden, you will need to make sure you mow any lawns and weed. Your tenancy agreement will probably have required you to maintain these to a good standard anyway, but giving them a tidy before you go is always helpful. 

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