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If you have a baby on the way, you need to start planning now. There are just so many things you need to properly look after your child once he or she arrives. 


Don’t be one of those parents who tries to avoid necessary expenses. While it might sound like a good way to save money, it can leave you feeling stressed long-term. 


The best approach is to plan out your budget and stick with it. Make sure that you grab all the basics, and indulge in some creature comforts, too!


Furniture Expenses

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The amount of furniture you require for a newborn baby is actually quite small. All you truly need is a crib and somewhere to keep their clothes. However, many parents go all out, buying baby swings, toy bins, dressers, changing tables, and so on. 


You might also want to decorate your baby’s bedroom, but remember, this too is likely an unnecessary expense. Babies can’t perceive their bedrooms for the first few months of life. And even when they get older, it remains relatively unimportant for them. 


As for transport, you’ll need to purchase mandatory car seats. Most hospitals won’t even let you leave until you show evidence that you have the proper facilities for transporting your child.


If you plan on taking your child to the park or on play dates, you’ll need a baby stroller. Here’s the complete double stroller buying guide for new parents. It contains all the information you need if you’re planning on making this purchase. 


Breastfeeding-Related Items


If you want to breastfeed naturally and that’s okay with you, you don’t need much more than your breasts. Nature developed them to provide all the food that your children need.  


However, you’ll want to make links with a lactation consultant before you have your child, just in case there are latching issues when they arrive.


You’ll also want to develop a formula feeding plan, just in case things don’t work out the way you hope. Buying formula in advance saves you from rushing out to the store if you can’t produce milk for whatever reason. 


In addition to this, you’ll want some bottles, bottle brushes for cleaning them out regularly, a privacy cloth for when breastfeeding in public, burp cloths, nursing pads, nipple cream, and so on. In some cases, you may want to use a breast pump, particularly if you are prone to soreness. 


Bedding And Sleeping Supplies

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Whatever type of bed you choose for your newborn baby, you’ll also require some bedding supplies. At the minimum, you’ll need a crib mattress and some fitted sheets, designed to go with it. If you have the budget, you might want to upgrade to a waterproof crib mattress. If you can’t afford that, you can use a waterproof pad underlay to protect the regular mattress below, just in case you have leaks during the night. 


You’ll also want to invest in a baby monitor. These are great for giving you peace of mind and making it easy to monitor your baby, even if you have a big house.


Baby Care


In addition to the basics described above, you’ll also want some baby grooming products. Because babies are young, their nails grow fast. Therefore, clippers are essential. 


You’ll also want a thermometer of some description. Babies are prone to getting fevers, particularly in the first few months of life, as their immune systems adjust to the environment. 


Some parents buy certain medical supplies. For instance, medicine droppers are a good way to dose pain relief medication for your child. You might also want some buds for cleaning out their nose.


Bath Items


Soap and your hands are enough to wash your baby in the bath. However, many parents benefit enormously from having baby-specific items to hand, too. These include a soft sponge, some washcloths, and a hooded towel for keeping them warm when they get out of the bath. Depending on your child’s skin, you might also want to get a bottle of baby lotion and perhaps even a baby bathtub. These keep your child safe and prevent their heads from going underwater. 


Clothing Supplies

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Lastly, you’ll need to consider clothing supplies. You want a variety of cute little outfits your baby can slip into, regardless of the occasion. 


It’s a good idea to buy a few onesies. These make it easier to do the laundry and avoid endless hours of ironing. You also want baby sleepers and sleep sacks, plus some hats to protect your newborn’s head if you take them out in the sun. 

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