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There’s a lot to love about winter. You get to cozy around the fire with your family, the joy of Christmas jingles all around, and it’s a chance to look back on the year. However, with winter comes the cold, and for any home, that can bring problems. 

Winter can make your home not as cozy as you’d like. It can increase energy bills, and cause problems that can knock your holiday spirit off its feet. To ensure you have the most comfortable winter possible, here’s how to winter-proof your home and the problems that will come if you forget.

5 Easy ways to winter proof your home

A Draught in the Attic

If your house never feels warm during winter, even with the heating on full blast, it could be a sign that there is a gap somewhere. It’s’ vital to check everywhere; upstairs, downstairs, in the basement, and especially in the attic. 

Identifying the cause of the draught and fixing it as soon as possible means you never need to throw on an extra layer again. It makes you and the kids more comfortable and prevents any tantrums about why the heating isn’t working. 

It’s Slippery Out There

Your driveway is another place you should think about winter-proofing as this will protect you, your family, guests, and your car from succumbing to the dangers of winter. 

It’s essential to clear any snow from the drive as soon as you can, as leaving it too long allows the snow to melt and then refreeze, creating a sheet of ice that can be deceptive and dangerous. You can also use a sealant to prevent snow from getting into the cracks. 

Before clearing your driveway, make sure your snow shovel is in good condition, as it could damage the surface if the corners are bent. 

The Pipes, The Pipes

Of all the things in the house that could break during winter, your pipes are arguably the most perceptible. Water left in the pipes and left unused for too long has the potential to freeze, which can lead to burst pipes and damage walls, floors, ceilings, and your backyard. 

You can overcome this by turning draining the pipes and turning the water off. However, this only works if you’re going away for at least a week. If you are in your home all winter, Heatline offers solutions that protect the pipes from freezing and avoiding potential damage to your home. 

The Dangers

Neglecting to winter-proof your home before the sub-zero temperatures sneak in can cause havoc both in and around the house. It can ramp up energy bills, cause a nasty accident, or even cause expensive (and maybe irreparable) damage to your floors and ceilings. If you want to enjoy all the wonder that winter brings, it’s winter-proofing your home before the cold weather hit is vital. 

A Wonderful Winter

Fixing any problems now means that you won’t need to worry about them again for at least a year. Winter-proofing your home is not ideal, especially with so much else going on around the holidays, but once you’ve done it, you’ll be glad that you have. 

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