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In case I haven’t mentioned it yet- here’s one thing that you should definitely know about me. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Ever. And it goes just beyond the actual day. There’s so much that I love about this time of the year. And yes, I am one of those people who would start decorating as soon as possible. To be honest, if I could have one room in the house dedicated to Christmas? I’d do it.

This year, however, when I wanted to start decorating; I also wanted to consider the overall Winter season. Squeaker loves snowmen. Kyle, Squeaker, and I are all Winter babies (January, December, February respectively). So it only made sense to try and incorporate Winter alongside Christmas.

With thanks to Boscov’s for sponsoring this conversation, I want to share with you how we are preparing to decorate for the holidays and winter.


Now, if it were up to me- I’d probably leave the Christmas decorations up longer. As it is, I usually start putting them up after Thanksgiving and leave them up until early January.

But then the house starts to look a little less festive.

That doesn’t have to be the case though, you know?

Still, I want to have enough Christmas decorations up while still balancing with Winter decorations.

One of the main things that I have to have for the holiday season is a Nativity display. I’ve had a few simple ones and Squeaker also has toy displays. This year, however, we have something a bit more substantial. Instead of just the Nativity, this shows the Town of Bethlehem ($49.99).


And to keep Squeaker off of my Nativity display, I purchased a wooden Nativity set ($29.99) for her that she can play with. I also purchased a Wooden Advent Calendar ($19.99) for her to keep her busy.

Continuing with the Christmas themed items, I also wanted to keep with our general country and prim decor.


This Christmas Rules ($29.99) plaque fits in perfectly with our living room. We have a few other pieces from this company, so it definitely goes with our overall decor that we keep.

Another touch for our hallway is a Winter themed Snowman print ($19.99).


We’ll definitely keep this festive reminder up for the entire season.

Our kitchen also got a little touch of Winter, with new snowman kitchen towels ($2.99).


And my desk is now displaying a happy snowman family ($10.99).


And finally, I purchased several boxes of Blue &  White Snowflake lights (at $9.99 each) to use indoors and outdoors. These we might actually keep up year round if we move them into Squeaker’s room.


 We’ll continue to add things throughout the upcoming weeks, including our Christmas tree. But for now, I think we’re definitely off to a great start thanks to the new decorations.


I’ll be honest with you- some of those snowmen decorations are really calling my name. I love that Snowman star! Boscov’s truly has become our new home decor destination. From the convenience of shopping online (with free shipping for orders over $50), to the memorable in-store experience; we will visit Boscov’s again and again for our home needs.

How do you like to decorate for the holidays?


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