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One of the hardest things to face this year is the choice between heating and eating, and it’s possibly the most difficult choice anyone can make. You deserve to have a house that’s heated well, and it’s vital that you are comfortable. You want to be warm, but you should also do all that you can to keep your heating bill as low as possible, too. It’s a steady and difficult balance to achieve, but it can be done! 


Have you considered hiring help from companies like Columbine Roofing to get your roof fixed correctly? This can make all the difference to the warmth in your home, and you’ll thank yourself later when you have a house that can keep the heat because you fixed the roof! Your house is a castle, but if it’s falling to pieces one of the first things to happen is the warm air leaks out. So, how can you make your home warmer for the months to come? 



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  1. Make it smart. One of the easiest ways that you can improve the temperature of your home is to install a smart thermostat system. You need to know that you can have a comfortable temperature set for your house, and you can control it from wherever you are. When you’re coming out of work into a blizzard, it’s nice to know that you can ensure that your house is going to be a warm one when you arrive. You’ll also save a lot of money on your heating costs as a result.
  2. Check your vents. When was the last time you had your HVAC detailed? Your whole system plus the vents in the house need to be checked to ensure that they’re not blocked. The blockage from dust and dirt can prevent the house from heating up properly, and you can bet that you will find much more comfort in a house that has fresh air warming it! Venting your radiators and ducted heaters will ensure that you are breathing in the clean, warmer air. 
  3. Add some draft excluders. The house can get drafty in the winter through the gaps in the doors and the windows but if you add draft excluders to the bottom of the doors, you’ll help to keep the heat in and the cold air out. These don’t have to be expensive and you can even make them on your own. They won’t eliminate the breeze entirely but when you shut the doors you’ll have a better time of keeping the cold air out.
  4. Think bubble wrap. It’s fun to pop, but did you know that bubble wrap works very well as a method of insulation? You’re going to help to create a barrier around drafty windows and you can add a layer to the windows to keep the cold air from permeating the rooms. If you use bubble wrap, you create that protective layer in the windows and that will keep your house warmer for longer. You Can even use a hairdryer to seal it to the windows and close off any gaps.
  5. Get out the sealant. The windows of the house are a prime area for the cold air to leak into the home. If you have gaps around the windows, you’re going to end up with cool air seeping in and that will create some difficulties in heating the rooms. If you want to make sure that every room is warm, get the sealant out and start making sure that every single gap around the windows is completely closed. If you can afford it, upgrade the windows in their entirety and you’ll be able to see that the windows are a primary issue for your ability to heat the house.



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  1. Open the curtains. When the weather outside is warm, open the curtains wide and let the light stream in. not only will you be able to make your house warmer because the warmth of the sun is there, but you will then be able to shut the curtains the moment the sun is gone so that you can keep all that hot air trapped inside. You can really use the power of the sun here as even on the cold days, the sun itself is still going to bring hot air to your house.
  2. Reverse the ceiling fans. If your house is equipped with ceiling fans, you should be able to click a button on the side and make them go the other way. This pushes the air down, and that creates the warmer air instead of pulling the air up and creating cool air. Warm air rises, and if you reverse the fan, you can feel warmer during the day instead of colder.
  3. Open the doors. If you have the heating on in the house, make a point of keeping your doors open so that the warmer air can move through the house. You’ll benefit from the heating downstairs being able to move and if you close off rooms that you don’t use, you won’t be heating those rooms unnecessarily. The point here is that you want the house to be warm and this could work to make sure that you aren’t feeling the chill!
  4. Add more insulation. To the attic space, the walls and the basement, you can add way more insulation and keep your house warm throughout the weeks of winter. Checking the insulation that you have takes some time so you have to choose the right insulation for your house specifically. Look at what you have, and then consider what you need.
  5. Do some baking. The oven being on can really warm up the house. You want to get warm fast, so baking can really help you to make that happen! Plus, you get cookies at the end. All you need to do is leave the oven door cracked open as it’s cooling down and all the leftover hot air is going to rush through the kitchen and house in general.
  6. Invest in a fireplace. Not only will this make your home feel warmer, but you can definitely count on this giving your home a luxury feeling! Just think about it: getting to curl up by the fire with hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night; what’s there not to love? So, do you actually need to do a lot of renovations to get this? Actually, you don’t! Nowadays, it’s pretty affordable, and no chimney is needed with a bioethanol fireplace; it’s a clean burning fuel, and you’re going to stay nice and toasty all winter long.
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