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The winter may have passed, but the risk of dangerous storms has not. Depending on where you live in the world, spring and summer storms are very much a thing. Spring can be known for its rapid changing in the weather – one moment it’s raining, the next minute you need your sunscreen and a beach towel. That means that spring is also no stranger to damaging storms with high winds and thunder and lightning.


Being able to prepare your home for the upcoming storms of the season is important. You’ll find it very common that people speak to a residential roofing company, or a plumber to check the drains before a storm that is due to hit. It’s just a smart way to be able to look after your home, because while you may have insurance to protect you from storm damage, you still should maintain your home as best you can to protect it from any kind of spring weather changes. Here’s how to get your home ready for those spring changes. 



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  1. Go to the gutters. We just talked about plumbers coming into care of your drains, but when you have just been through fall and winter, you’ll often find that your gutters are full of guck. A buildup of sludgy leaves, twigs, occasional animal nests, and even pine needles, you have a system that needs to be cleaned out properly for the spring or summer. This will allow better water flow should there be some giant summer storms. When the rain can flow freely through the gutters, you’ll find that you won’t end up with any heaviness on your roof causing cracks or damage. Bringing the l expert for this one though, it can get quite dangerous to clean gutters.
  2. Batten down the hatches. Closing and securing storm shutters is a must in advance of a storm. You should also make sure that you move your car into the garage and not leave it on the driveway, because you can lock the garage door and keep your car protected from any flying debris. If you have any exterior window treatments, tack those down to prevent any damage to the home, too. Winter storms are one thing but spring storms are quite another. You need to be ready for them so that your home is as protected as possible.
  3. Put loose items away. If you have an outdoor grill, and the outdoor furniture, even planters outside the home that are not as heavy as they could be, you need to look at securing these by putting them in the sheds or the garage before the storm arrives. It’s always nice to look forward to being outside in the spring and summer months, but you don’t want all the things that you spent money on flying through the neighborhood.


Summer and spring storms can be life-threatening and they are no joke. Preparing for this is not something that you do in fear or panic, it’s something that you do because you have common sense. Get your home prepared for your spring and summer storms in your area now and you’ll be ready for anything

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