How To Make The Most Of A Tiny Kitchen 4

How To Make The Most Of A Tiny Kitchen

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How To Make The Most Of A Tiny Kitchen 5

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A tiny kitchen can have its advantages – having everything in arm’s reach while cooking can be useful. However, not having a lot of space can also have its downsides – cooking with other people could be challenging and you may struggle to find space for storing food and equipment. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can get around these downsides in order to make your kitchen space more practical. Below are just a few tips on how to overcome the pitfalls of a small kitchen. 

Can you extend?

The most obvious solution to a small kitchen is to extend it. By investing in the help of kitchen remodelers, you can work out the best way of doing this. It could be a case of extending outwards or extending inwards (this could include taking away part of a neighboring room to make the kitchen bigger)

An extension can be very expensive, but there are tricks to make it less costly such as using the right materials and keeping fixtures such as ovens in the same place. A building permit may be required in some cases – make sure to look into this before starting your extension. 

Make full use of the walls

If you have available walls in your kitchen, consider whether you may be able to put these to use. It’s unlikely you’ll have extra space for cabinets, however you may be able to slightly extend the cabinets that you currently have so that they’re wider or deeper. Alternatively, you may be able to place hooks or magnetic strips on the wall for hanging items. You could even consider a pegboard splashback that you can hang crockery and tools from. 

Use space around the fridge

There may be space for adding cabinets and drawers around and above your refrigerator.  Ovens and dishwashers are often slotted in between cabinets in a similar fashion, so why not consider doing this with your fridge? Even if you’ve only got slim space either side of a refrigerator, you could put this to use by adding slim slide out cabinets. Some homes even integrate their fridge into the cabinets, placing it behind a cabinet door so that it blends in. 

Opt for space-saving kitchenware

If finding storage space is a problem and you’ve tried decluttering, consider replacing some of your crockery and kitchenware with space-saving alternatives. Try to stick to items that can be stacked and tessellated – this could include a set of pans that slots together or even stackable mugs and wine glasses. Another option could be pans with detachable handles and extendable spatulas. This will allow you to fit more into each cabinet and drawer. 

Add a fold-down countertop

If you don’t have enough countertop space, consider whether you may be able to extend your countertop with a fold-down countertop at the end. This could give you extra worktop space for preparing food without permanently extending your countertop. Even if it only gives you a couple feet extra countertop space, it’s still more space to work with. 

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