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Achieving your dream home exterior is a rewarding process that often takes a lot of time and consideration for the best results. As our homes are the most prominent places we spend time in within our lives, it’s understandable why many of us want them to be as comfortable and as welcoming as possible. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that homeowners should look out for when deciding to enhance the exterior of their properties. 

Choosing the Wrong Roof Choice

Installing a new roof can be a practical yet attractive addition to any home. As your roof is one of the most crucial elements of your property’s appearance, it’s always important to ensure that you consider the weight, durability, cost, and the contrast of the design to your home’s style before making a finalized decision. A faulty roof can often cause problems, and will often need a roofing contractor.

Installing Out of Place Windows 

A house with several different window shapes, sizes, and patterns can often make otherwise beautiful properties appear strangely mismatched. For a proportionate and well-designed exterior, try to opt for consistent window designs that greatly reflect the personality of your home. It can also be beneficial to consider the colors of the windows that are used – for example, white windows often compliment fresh colors, while cream windows suit more earthy tones. 

Color Clashes 

While choosing a new color for your home can be subjective, the general rule for achieving an attractive exterior through paint is to avoid clashes of color which make surfaces look too busy or intense on the eye. In this case, less is more! Choose, clean, sophisticated colors that will effectively amplify the design of your property, or opt for muted tones, such as white or beige for a more minimalist, contemporary look. However, that’s not to say you can’t be bold and experiment with darker colors to create the same effect! 

Bland Landscaping

Homes with neglected landscaping can often make properties appear empty. Not only does keeping on top of your landscaping can provide greater value to your home, but it also creates great “curb appeal” for onlookers. It’s a well-known fact that maintaining your lawn is no easy job, however it can be easily improved with simple steps. Whether it be installing new planters, flowers, or adding fencing, nothing says “welcome” like a well-maintained lawn. 

Unconsidered Light Fixtures 

For the best exterior appearance and functionality, make sure to position outdoor lights in a strategic way to avoid issues such as  uneven lighting and glare, which can occur when a light is too bright or when a bulb is exposed to your view. Additionally, try to use more than one design of light fixtures positioned at multiple levels to create an effortlessly stylish and inviting appearance. For modern properties, opt for cooler tones, while for conventional, it’s often best to choose warmer tones. It’s also beneficial to avoid using non eco-friendly lighting to prevent high energy bills and more frequent bulb replacements. 

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