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The weather hasn’t been quite cold enough for us to have a good amount of snow. Now, it’s still late November and I’m sure that will change once winter really settles in. Or, at least for my toddler’s sake, I hope it does. While we can make do with our sensory snow play, she is really looking forward to the snow. In the meantime though, we can make a toilet paper roll snowman. This adds to our (somewhat) growing collection of toilet paper roll crafts.


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As my toddler has found out, the toilet paper roll crafts also double nicely as hand puppets.

Depending on the age of your child- they can do this craft independently or with minimal adult involvement.

Making a Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Supplies needed:

  • one toilet paper roll per snowman you wish to make
  • white paint
  • empty K-Cup (optional but makes for a lovely hat)
  • buttons
  • red felt
  • googly eyes (optional but we absolutely love them!)
  • orange craft foam for the nose (you can also use orange construction paper)
  • hot glue gun (low temp)

My first steps were to paint the toilet paper roll white and the K-Cup black. We purchased a box of empty K-Cups for crafting purposes.


I had almost thought to use a brown pipe cleaner for the snowman’s arms, but that didn’t quite pan out.

The next step, after waiting for the paint to dry, was to glue the hat to the top of the snowman. This step is optional though so if you want to skip it, feel free!


Next, using the glue gun, I put the eyes on. I cut a small strip (length wise) of red felt for his scarf. Then after finding a spot, glued the scarf onto the snowman. To secure it, I glued part of the front piece of the scarf but left a little as an end piece. Next, I cut a small triangle shape out of the orange craft foam and glued that on.

My toddler picked out the buttons and I glued those on to the snowman.


And there is our finished jolly fellow! We might make some more of these as I think Squeaker really enjoyed it. Maybe we’ll make a few without a hat for variety.


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