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Moving home can be expensive, and being able to cut the costs associated with removals can be tricky, especially if you do not have time to prepare beforehand. Add a family into the mix, and this further complicates matters.


There are a few ways you can save money on a house move, and not all of them require you to compromise on service to get a better price.



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Book in Advance


Whether you are moving and need a van only or want to book a professional moving company to pack your home up and transfer it to your new location, booking in as early as possible can help you get the best prices and discounts for this service. Late booking usually comes with a higher fee due to the urgency or the situation, so planning and getting this booked in can be more cost-effective.


Choose Off-Season


Avoid moving home when everyone else does. If you are flexible on dates, choose an off-peak season as there are likely more significant discounts on offer due to a lull in business. Alternatively, book your house move on a day of the week that is quieter to benefit from lower rates.



The less you have to move with you on the day, the easier and cheaper it will be for everyone. Plus, if you sell your belongings you no longer want to keep, you might even be able to help cover some of your moving costs and avoid being out of pocket.


Use Storage Facilities

It might sound more expensive to use storage facilities, but packing up your belongings and storing them off-site can be a great organizational option. For example, if you box up non-essential items that you move from your home before moving day and leave them in storage to move yourself without using the removal company, once you are settled, you can make the move more efficient and give you less to do on the day.

By moving in with only your essential furniture, you can get organized quickly and add in more items once you are ready. A self storage facility allows you to choose when you collect your belongings or add more in.


Find Free Packaging Materials


After you’ve scheduled your move, start saving any boxes and packaging materials that arrive with your deliveries. Knowing where to get free cardboard boxes can save you money on a packing service. Begin by asking friends and family for spare boxes, as they are sure to have some from their relocation.

Alternatively, pack fragile objects like mirrors or photo frames in towels or bed sheets that you’ll be bringing anyhow. This saves money and reduces waste. If you can’t find boxes, you can request them when asking for removal prices from your house movers.


Ask For Help

Moving costs can quickly mount up, especially if you hire a moving firm to box your belongings. It is important to note that this service can quickly become costly, especially if you have pricey stuff to pack.

Ask for help packing from friends or relatives. The more hands you have, the easier it is to pack. Don’t forget to identify your moving boxes to make unpacking easier in your new home.


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