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The inside of our homes is often the first thing we think about when it comes to design. We spend plenty of time and money making sure that the indie of our homes is beautiful and comfortable. 


The outside, however, can often be left to the elements – with the occasional garden tidy up. But having a beautiful exterior can bring you just as much joy as a stunning interior. 



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Clean up


Before you start adding new things and taking away old things – it is a good idea to book your home in with the Pro House Washers


The exterior of our homes has to deal with a lot of weather conditions, birds, algae, moss and more. Over time this can begin to look a little bit messy – so book your home in for a professional jet wash, and it will look brand new. 



Another place where you can make a significant impact on how your home looks is the roof. This is even more prominent on a bungalow – since people see more of the roofing. 


Even if the roof isn’t one of the most dominant features, it is still noticeable. 


Changing the roof might be one of the most intensive and expensive jobs, but ultimately depending on the materials you choose – it could pay dividends in the future. 


If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a few years, now is the perfect time to get that arranged. The roofing contractor can inspect your roof, and make you aware of any repairs. You can then decide if you want the roof to be repaired and cleaned up – or opt for a complete replacement.


As you are concentrating on your roof, it might be a good idea to have solar panels installed too. 


Solar panels are worth their weight in gold when it comes to sunny climates or locations with long hot summers. While solar panels are necessarily a design feature, they are something that makes an impact on the outside of your home. 



You might be surprised just how much replacing the windows on your home can make an impact on how the whole building looks. They say the windows are the eyes of the house, so it makes sense that when you change them – the house will look and feel different. 


You are free to choose any windows company that you like, but it is advised that you carefully read online reviews to find a trustworthy company and good value. 


If you have been working on an English garden, you might consider changing your windows to match that cottage-chic aesthetic. 


Occasionally new builds can lack character, and having your windows changed can add a hefty dose of personality. 

Front and Garage Doors


Your new front door will be a welcome sight when you come home from being away for a short while. The familiarity when you see your own home is like nothing else. 


However, if you change your windows, you might consider booking with a company that can also fit the same style. 


Matching windows, front door and garage door can bring a neat look of cohesion to the outside of your home. 


Period properties can often benefit from having new windows and doors fitted excellently to reduce the cost of heating bills. At the same time, newer properties that are uniform to the rest in the street might feel a bit boring. 


Don’t be afraid to change the style of front and garage doors. 


If upgrading the front door isn’t something you are considering, then changing the hardware can be beneficial and a smaller yet noticeable change. 


The handle, knocker and letterbox can be upgraded to something that you feel suits your personality. 



You might need planning permission to add a porch to your home, but these can make a huge difference most of the time. 


An extension on the entryway gives you more room in the home and offers extra space to store jackets, shoes and umbrellas. 


A porch can also add a lot of personality to the front of your home and be even more welcoming than just the front door. 


Try to opt for a porch that compliments the exterior design of your home already, and it will look like it has always been there – rather than a new addition. 



Your garden is one of the most prominent features of the exterior. A few small changes can make a significant impact in this space. Consider adding decking – so that you can extend the inside to the outside.


Decking makes a great place to have a morning coffee or meals with friends on warm summer evenings. 


If you don’t want to have anything too close to the home, consider creating a cozy seating area further down into the garden. These seating areas often work very well in the corners of the garden. 


You might also choose to add some interesting floral features too. Large planters can add something interesting, and you can work with a landscaper or professional gardener to create an all-year-round garden. Adding flowers that bloom in different seasons means you will never be without flowers and color – even in the bleakest of winters. 


Decorate the seating area with some outdoor fairy likes for a magical and cozy look. 



If your driveway has seen better days and has a few cracks or raised parts, it might be time to consider installing a new driveway. Off-road parking is one of the first things people notice as they approach a property. 


Opt for colors and materials that match the rest of the exterior aesthetic that you have created. 


Gravel is usually a popular option, but you are just as likely to see large, grey brick slabs in the last few years. Slabbing is easy to have installed and easy to maintain too. 


If you are looking for your next housing project, then think about the exterior! Are you still trying to make the inside beautiful? Read some of these excellent interior design tips: The Different Home Interior Styles You Might Want To Try.

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