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Of everything that’s in the gift guide, this next gift has definitely been the most anticipated in terms of getting a review done. T & J were particularly excited about doing this review and wanted to know (almost immediately) when we were going to get that done. Of course that kind of defeated the point of having this as a Christmas gift, but their excitement was definitely worth it.

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EzyRoller is a featured gift in our Holiday Gift Guide

I’ll admit, originally I had wanted to get this for Sweet B to work on her gross motor skills. But, once I realized how much movement was really involved, I figured that it would probably be better put to use with T & J…. and me and Kyle.

But what exactly is an EzyRoller?

  • Ezyroller’s are easy to assemble & ready to ride in 5 minutes or less.
  • Each EzyRoller comes with an extendable bar so the EzyRoller can grow with the rider.
  • The low hands-free design is incredibly stable & easy to use.
  • EzyRoller is fun for all ages, we recommend it for kids from 4-40
  • EzyRoller is a great alternative to bikes & scooters!

ezyroller 1

One of my favorite things about the EzyRoller is that there aren’t many parts to keep track of. There’s the seat, the wheel/footbar, and the extending tube. It really doesn’t get much easier than that in terms of taking this out of the box, setting it up and going to play. Of course, Kyle had  a few test runs with the EzyRoller in the house (though we didn’t tell the boys that). And he found out just how easy it was to gain momentum and really get moving.

T on the EzyRoller
T on the EzyRoller

For our actual review and test run, we took the EzyRoller down the street to a small parking lot. The parking lot’s surface is mostly smooth, so I figured it would be a good test spot. Both T & J took turns on the EzyRoller and they really had a blast!

Kyle on the EzyRoller
Kyle on the EzyRoller

Kyle is about 6’0 tall, so it was kind of tight fit without the extra extension tube on there. But, this was mostly to show T & J what to do after they had tried pushing each other around for a boost. Mostly, he just wanted to show them that all you had to do was use your feet and let your momentum and motion take over the rest.

I’m kind of sad that we got this at this time of the year because the weather is getting colder and we can’t really get outside to use it too much. But, I suppose that only adds to the anticipation when the weather is nicer so we can use it again. All in all, we had a great time using the EzyRoller and we would definitely recommend this for any active family.

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You can purchase the EzyRoller on Amazon or you can enter to win one in the Holiday Bundle of Gifts Giveaway!

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