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Life can be taken over with work, school, chores, and more, leaving little time for fun. But there is nothing better than doing the impossible and getting the whole family in the same room at the same time, to spend some quality time together. 


One of the best ways to spend time together is to play games. There are plenty of games you can play that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy, can elicit lots of fun and laughs, while creating a night to remember. 


Benefits of playing games with the whole family 


While there are no problems with children playing on iPads, games consoles, or watching TV, every so often it is nice to get the whole family together for a little fun. Playing games together also comes with a whole host of benefits, for example:


  • Children (in fact all family members) can learn great skills such as patience, sharing, taking turns, teamwork, strategies, cooperating, thinking for themselves, and losing which can be transferred into the school and social situations 
  • Create fun childhood memories as a whole family 
  • Bond and create stronger relationships
  • Learn more about each other through increased conversations
  • Develop good communication skills and work through problems together 
  • And many more. 


Making a family night/games night a regular occurrence is a great way to keep the fun alive and bond regularly. It can also do wonders for everyone’s mental health as research has shown it encourages social interaction and counteract self-defeating narratives. To encourage more family activities and games, why not set up a dedicated area with a board game table which makes it easier and quicker for family members to gather together to play. 


Once you have made time and space for games, you need a game to play! Here are some fun game ideas the whole family can enjoy!


Board games 


Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition 

Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition is a quick-fire game that can be played with individual players or work together as a team to make your way around the board by answering questions correctly. It is lots of fun, encourages healthy competition, and is great for general knowledge. 


Pie Face

To get the laughs flowing, why not try Pie Face. This game is exactly what it says on the tin, play and you risk a pie in your face (or whipped cream, whatever you have handy at home). Go head to head with each family member, with each turn only building more suspense as the pie could be released at any moment as you hit the red button to keep the pie away from you as long as possible. 


Monopoly Junior Board Game

There are different Monopoly games to choose from, so depending on the number of family members you have playing, and the average age group, you may wish to choose the Monopoly Junior Board Game which is best for a younger crowd, or the original Monopoly, suitable for teens and adults. Monopoly is a great way to encourage decision-making, cooperation, and strategizing, all while having a little fun. 



Board games are a lot of fun, but there are also plenty of other games to play with the whole family. Activities are a great way for people to get up and be active while eliciting lots of laughs (and the occasional embarrassing moment!)


Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt can be completely tailored how you like it. You can make it fun, educational, and rewarding at the same time. Leave clues and riddles to solve, that will lead participants to the treasure. Play in teams or individually, and use your house, backyard or even head down to your local park. 



Charades is a great game that does not require any additional equipment unless you would like to purchase the traditional game set. Charades is a game where you act out a phrase without using any words, and the rest of the family has to guess what the phrase is. The idea is to guess as quickly as you can. You can play individually or split off into teams and keep track of the score. You can act out phrases, movies, books, famous people, activities, etc. 


Family Talent Show

Hosting your Family Talent Show is a fun way to get everyone having fun and let their creative side out. The great part about this game is that it allows children to try new things, step out of their comfort zone and express themselves in a way that is unique to them. It also means standing in front of a small crowd (or a big one if you have a big family) and presenting your talent. If you are unsure, you can try anything from karaoke, dancing, juggling, a joint act, jokes, read a poem, perform an act, play an instrument, juggle, the list is endless! 


Ball Games

Ball games can be played in the backyard or at a local park. They can also be played inside, with smaller or softer balls. There is a wide range of ball games to choose from, including soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, swing ball, or perhaps make up your own. They are great fun, hosted in nature, and encourage physical activity, so a great all-rounder for mental health and wellbeing. Everyone can play together, or split off in teams, and encourages teamwork, social interaction, strategies, and more. 


Sports Day

If you have the space or can head out to the local park, why not recreate your own sports day. Sports days are usually fun-packed days that involve a range of games and activities, and you can pick your favorites. From 3-legged races, wheelbarrow runs and egg and spoon races, there are a plethora of activities to choose from. The best part is making a day of it and bringing a picnic or inviting friends and extended family along for the fun too. 


Whether you like to get out and get active, or stay indoors and play board games, there are hundreds of options to choose from. How often you play games is up to you, you can save them for a sunny or rainy day, or schedule it every week. Family game nights can be suited to whatever activities you and your family enjoy playing, and guarantee a ton of fun that will benefit the whole family.

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Kori is a late diagnosed autistic/ADHD mom. She is currently located in Albany, NY where she is raising a neurodiverse family. Her older daughter is non-speaking autistic (and also has ADHD and Anxiety) and her youngest daughter is HSP/Gifted. A blogger, podcaster, writer, product creator, and coach; Kori shares autism family life- the highs, lows, messy, and real. Kori brings her own life experiences as an autistic woman combined with her adventures in momming to bring you the day-to-day of her life at home. Kori is on a mission to empower moms of autistic children to make informed parenting decisions with confidence and conviction.

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