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Waiting is tough, isn’t it? And if you’re anything like my kids, you have a really hard time with waiting for things to happen. 

If you’re anything like me, you have difficulty with measuring time

So, when I was growing up? those tasty chocolate Advent calendars were one of my favorite things. I could see how many days were left until Christmas AND I got chocolate. Win-win, right? We love to celebrate holidays and Christmas is the overwhelming family favorite.

Why use a Christmas Countdown Calendar?

Well, simple enough really. You’re giving your child a tangible way to see how many days are left until Christmas. 

And sure, you could do this in several ways. In fact? We do.


We set up several traditions for counting down to Christmas. One of the ways that we celebrate as a family is by honoring the season of Advent (one of my personal favorites) and then by honoring the season of Christmas.


We are a Christian family but we also incorporate plenty of secular things too. Like having a movie countdown where we watch a different Christmas movie every night. It’s kind of like ABC Family’s countdown.. or is it Freeform?

Anyway, we do that but with Disney Movies for a Christmas Countdown.

This year we’ll use the month of December in our Homeschool adventure to study all types of Christmas and/or Winter festivals across many different cultures.

(If you don’t want to wait, the image below will take you right to the calendar)

How to Use a Printable Advent Countdown Calendar

Advent, if you didn’t know, means the arrival. And for Christians, it can also mean the second coming of Christ. 

In the Christian year, Advent is the beginning of a new Church year. It’s preceded by Pentecost or Ordinary Time (depending) and succeeded by Christmas.

So, for our Advent Countdown Calendar, the squares used to cover the days are Nativity themed and there’s a picture of a manger on the top. For the regular Christmas ones, we have a Christmas tree and a gift box.  

I may just print off some of the Nativity themed ones for our Sunday school this year.

The options for those countdown squares are either a Nutcracker theme or presents.

Personally, if we weren’t using the Nativity theme? We would use the Nutcracker theme:


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