Adding Fun To Your Garden With Kids’ Playhouses

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It’s crazy to think that the countdown to Christmas has begun already! It’s time to get thinking about what you are going to buy your little ones for Christmas this year! 

Adding Fun To Your Garden With Kids’ Playhouses 3

One of the most popular and well-loved choices is that of kids playhouses. There are a whole host of fantastic playhouses available on the internet and in stores today. Individuals can choose different ones based on style, facilities, price, material, size and more. 

It’s a good idea to section the play part of your garden off, as this will make your garden look better and often bigger. Residential roofing companies and landscapers can team up to achieve this. 

You could even add value to your home by using the above suggestions. But, you need a playhouse first, and so we will reveal some of the top kid’s playhouses available on the market today. 

Take a look at the list:

 3 Kids Playhouses for Your Garden

Little Tikes Classic Castle

This is one of the most impressive and eye-catching playhouses you will find one the market today. The playhouse is designed to look like a real life castle with all of the intricate details. It features all the elements you would expect, such as a lookout tower to spot the enemy and a secret crawl through door to escape via. This is a toy which is assured to keep your child entertain for hours and hours on end. A final point worth contemplating is the size of the product, which is as follows; 147 cm in length x 127 cm in width x 131 cm in height.

Villa Feber Playhouse

This playhouse is great for those who are looking for a toy which is big and elaborate in style. After all, the dimensions of the product are as follows; 200 cm in length x 154 cm in width x 161 cm in height. This is great because not only does it look impressive but it means that several children can play together. The style of the playhouse is also great because is something which is vibrant, eye-catching and appeals to boys as well as girls. The color scheme of the toy features the following colors; green, red, orange and yellow. A final point worth considering is that the toy comes with some fantastic features including a play tray, a mail box, opening windows and some seats.

Little Tikes Country Cottage Playhouse Pink

This playhouse is perfect for any little girl due to its pretty design. The playhouse is pink in color and it features a cream door, a purple thatched roof and blue window shutters. It is something which is assured to be a hit among any little princess. The fun to be had with this toy is seemingly endless due to the fantastic features that come with it; these include the likes of a phone, a stove top and a sink – all of which have interactive features.

The size of this product is as follows; 127 cm in length x 114 cm in width x 131 cm in height. A final point worth noting is that this is a playhouse which is designed for children that are aged between two years old and six years old.

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