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This art project can be done with a child of any age but would be especially cute when it's done year after year. Preserve the memories with this easy footprint apple tree keepsake.

Each year we look forward to a few Fall traditions:

  • Picking apples from the apple orchard
  • Making homemade apple sauce
  • all things pumpkin

This year, I want to add on to those traditions by making a footprint apple tree keepsake. Maybe we’ll preserve it further by laminating one of them after it’s cut out.


Depending on the age of your child, they can do most of this art project on their own.


  • Red and green fingerpaint
  • Poster paper
  • paper plates
  • poofy bath sponge
  • willing participant


Weather permitting, we will do this outside next year. We have hardwood floors, so finding something to put down on the floor was essential. Luckily, we order so much from Amazon that we just put cardboard down.


After mixing together red and green paint to make brown, I had Squeaker step in the paint. I was unsure of how she would handle this but she took to it like a pro.


We did four footprints all together and I had her step on one half with her toes facing down. I wanted the wider part of her foot to be the base of the apple tree.

Next, we had to wait for the paint to dry (the hardest part for a toddler!) but once it was dry, we added the leaves with the poofy bath sponge in green.


And as you can see, someone was a bit impatient to add the leaves. So two of the footprints weren’t completely dry.

Once the leaves were dry enough, we set about adding apples:


Index fingerprints make for great apples!

I’m going to wait until all of the apple trees are dry before cutting one of them out. After writing the date on the back and hole punching the top, I’ll run it through the laminator. Then we can start a footprint apple tree keepsake garland to decorate with!

Add this fun, toddler made footprint apple tree keepsake to your family's list of Fall traditions.

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