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Welcome to Alphabet Sensory Activities, hosted by The Jenny Evolution along with their partner site The Sensory Spectrum! 26 amazing bloggers have gotten together to share a sensory experience based on a letter of the alphabet every day this month. As one of the participating bloggers, I chose the letter F and we’re doing a fun farm sensory bin. Squeaker enjoys learning about farm animals, so I thought it would be fitting to do a sensory bin for her.

Looking for some farm themed sensory fun? Check out this fun and easy farm sensory bin.

Easy Sensory Bin Ideas (for non crafty moms)

We haven’t done as many sensory bins as I would like, but when we do them it makes it extra special for Squeaker. One of the biggest problems that I run into is finding a filler material. Previously, I had used green lentils and Squeaker enjoyed that a lot. This time around though, I tried out something different.

With all of the subscription boxes I’d received, I found myself in possession of quite a few packaging materials. I was thinking to just save them for art and craft projects, but when I saw the filler for one of the boxes- I knew it would be perfect for the farm sensory bin.

farm sensory bin items

What to include in a Farm Sensory Bin:

Items in our sensory bin:

The mixture of items was perfect for Squeaker, though she did show some preference for the Toob set at first.

farm sensory bin play 2

How to Add-On to Your Sensory Play

As she took each item out of the bin, she would make the corresponding noise for it (vroom, vroom for the tractor, neigh for the horse, etc.) and then set it on the table.

Squeaker didn’t care too much for the filler material, so I think next time we’ll return to our lentils and use the packaging material for arts and crafts projects.

Looking for more farm related activities? Be sure to check out this list of farm books for a farm unit study!

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alphabet sensory activities

Are you looking for a fun farm themed idea? Check out this farm sensory bin. Part of the Alphabet Sensory Activities series.
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8 years ago

My daughter would love this! She is made for farm animals right now.

Emma @ P is for Preschooler
8 years ago

That’s a creative idea for a sensory bin base – even if your little one wasn’t a fan! 🙂

7 years ago

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2 years ago

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