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diy toilet paper stand for the non diyer

I will preface this post by saying: I am not a DIY person. In my head, oh yes of course! But in reality? Not so much. It’s something that I would love to change and I know that in order to become more comfortable with projects and crafts; I need to do them. I wanted to start with something simple that I could draw and then put into action.

Of course, I still needed a little bit of help with this project and thank goodness- Kyle is much more of a hands-on DIY person than I am. Of course now that I fully realize that, there just might be more of these projects in our future… He just doesn’t know it yet.

For my first project I wanted to try and make something easy (of course) but also something functional. I mean, sure, we could do something more crafty so we have it for the holidays or to display. But we wanted something that we could use on an almost daily basis. So that meant looking through the house and figuring out which rooms could use with a little upgrade.

Now, I don’t know about you and your family but for us? Two of the most frequently used rooms in the house are the bathroom and the kitchen. The kitchen needs plenty of love too but we decided to start with the bathroom.

I cannot begin to tell you about the ideas that I have when it comes to projects for the bathroom. Some may not be doable and others are just a matter of getting them done.

Our house was built in the early 1900s so some of the storage space is a bit tight. That means making the most of the space that we have without it becoming too crowded and rendering the space unusable. For the bathroom in particular, it means making use of the wall space and making shelving units. This is something that we’ll get to in the near future but for now, I wanted to start small.

I’ve always had my eye on those toilet paper stands and toilet paper trees, thinking they would be pretty handy to have. And then I had the thought- why not build it myself! It didn’t have to be anything fancy. I’m more about function anyway… and it kind of has that rustic charm.

closer view of the diy toilet paper holder

There are definitely a few things that I (we) would have done differently but for our first project? I think it turned out how we expected.

Supply List:

  • two wooden boards (we found ours in the shelving section of our local hardware store)
  • two toilet paper holders (we purchased ours at our local Walmart, which is also where we buy our toilet paper)
  • hot glue gun
  • screwdriver

First, depending on the size of the boards, decide on how you’d like your toilet paper rolls to face. You can put them vertically or horizontally. We opted for vertical because it holds the toilet paper better. Which, let’s talk about that for a moment before we move on with our project.

I’m not too picky about toilet paper. As long as it does it’s job, we’re good- you know what I mean? But with a newly potty training toddler (who also thinks that toilet paper is a great toy); I’ve started thinking more about how to be budget friendly with our toilet paper.

Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch mega pack meets this need.

quilted northern

Mega is a 4X bigger roll (than regular Quilted Northern rolls) so you’re not worried about refilling the roll!We purchased ours at our local Walmart.

quilted northern at walmart

Even still, I wanted to make sure that we had plenty of extra on hand. Hence the need for this toilet paper stand.

Back to our project.

Now that you’ve decided how you want your rolls (horizontal or vertical), place your boards at a 90 degree angle and using a hot glue gun, glue them together.

hot gluing the boards together for the diy toilet paper stand

To help reinforce the stand a little bit, we used unused wooden chopsticks (from take-out), in the center. We ended up using three to keep it together. Once everything was dry, it was time to measure out the placement for the toilet paper holders.

measuring the placement for the diy toilet paper holder

And since we also wanted to keep in mind that we had to accommodate for the toilet paper, I put one on the holder before screwing the holders into place.

diy toilet paper holder without toilet paper

Ta-da! Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Then it was just a matter of finding a spot for it in the bathroom. For now, it’s next to the toilet paper holder on the wall.

plain view of the diy toilet paper stand

This new toilet paper stand works quite nicely and helps us keep our bathroom stocked with toilet paper at all times. We also make sure that our household is prepared and keep one of the drawers in our upstairs hutch supplied:

toilet paper rolls in the drawer

It’s a very simple but effective storage solution for extra toilet paper. Other suggestions to make sure that your home is always prepared?

So now it’s just a matter of preference. Do you like your toilet paper roll going over or going under?

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