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Most kids love summer. They look forward to a long period out of school. They enjoy light evenings when they can stay up later and play outside for longer. They love hanging out in the garden, playing with water, and having fun with their outdoor toys. You might have a family summer holiday planned, and plenty of day trips to exciting attractions to look forward to. Parenting can even seem easier in summer when we can save money by spending days in the garden, and pass the time with lazy afternoons outdoors. There’s less pressure to have big plans for weekends when your kids are happy in your garden with a bucket of water and some cups. 

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But, at some point, it becomes too hot. Extended periods of very hot weather can be dangerous, especially for young children. Their skin can burn, they can become ill from a lack of sleep, and too much sun, and they can struggle with hay fever and other summer conditions. So, let’s take a look at some ways that you can protect your kids in the summer, while still letting them enjoy some time in the sunshine.

Keep Your House Cool

Spending time outdoors is great. But, none of us want to be boiling hot when we come inside. We want our homes to be somewhere that we can cool down and get a good night’s sleep. Keep your home cool by getting A/C replacement if you need it, keeping your decor and linens light, opening windows, closing blinds to block the direct sun. 

Then, when you are out in the garden with the kids, bring them inside regularly throughout the day, and try to stay in for a few hours when the sun is at its hottest. 

Get into a Sunscreen Routine

Sunscreen is essential in hot weather. Even if it’s cloudy and doesn’t seem too hot, its rays can be harmful, especially to young and sensitive skin. But, while we all put it on first thing in the morning, we rarely remember to keep applying it through the day.

Get into a routine. When it’s hot, reapply every hour or two, and more if the kids are playing in a pool or otherwise getting wet. If your child has eczema or another skin condition that’s worse in hot weather, finding a sunscreen that helps their skin can be tough, but it will be worth it. 

Dress Them Appropriately

Less clothing seems like the best idea, but it doesn’t always work. Loose clothing, in cotton and other breathable materials, will keep them cool, but when it’s very hot, less clothing means more exposed skin. Cover them up with loose materials, and make sure their hat has a wide brim and covers their neck

Encourage Regular Drinks

When kids are having fun, they forget to drink. It’s your job to remind them. Fill up bottles of water or very dilute juice and take them with you wherever you go. Encourage them to take sips throughout the day, and bigger drinks whenever they stop playing.

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