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Creating a stunning dining room space does not need to be difficult. Read on to discover some great tips.

Finding The Perfect Dining Chair

Dining chair options are varied. From metal bar stools to traditional wooden dining chairs, there is something for everyone. While choice is a great thing, you may be struggling to narrow down your selection. Don’t fret, as we have some top tips to help.

There are a lot of important considerations when buying dining chairs, especially when you are purchasing the table separately, or you already have one. If so, you need to ensure the dining room chairs are the right size, and you must consider the leg placement too. The number of chairs you buy is dependent on the table size. For most cases, each person will require between 60 and 76 cm of space, so keep this in mind when determining how many chairs to buy. The leg placement is important, as you need to ensure the chair can easily be tucked under the table. Moreover, you want to ensure that everyone has enough leg room when sitting around the table. 

Aside from the practical factors, it is important to think about the style of the chair when buying this type of home furniture. Dining furniture is known for its classic appearance, yet you still have many different options, from formal chairs to more informal styles. You also have armchairs and armless chairs; the latter of which is advised if you do not have a lot of room. Think about the type of ambiance you want the room to have and the overall style you are looking to create. Do you want a contemporary, minimalistic dining area, or would you prefer something more traditional and cozy? 

Dining Room Chair Materials

Chairs come in many different sizes and styles; however, one of the most important aspects you need to consider is the material that has been used to manufacture the chairs. Below, we will take a look at some of the most popular options to give you a helping hand. 

There is only one place to begin, and this is with wooden chairs. Wooden chairs are the most popular option for a dining room, no matter whether you are looking to create an informal or formal space. When purchasing dining room furniture, you will have a lot of wooden dining chairs to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect set for your dining area. Wood is a good choice because it is very versatile and looks great in any style of room, especially when teamed with luxury linen table cloths. It has also achieved that elusive status of timelessness, meaning it will never go out of fashion. It is also a material that adds warmth to the room in which it is placed, and is cherished for its strength and durability. 

Another popular option when buying this type of home furniture is metal. Metal dining chairs create more of a contemporary and minimalistic look. Moreover, if you have an open plan kitchen and dining area, you may want to consider some of the metal bar stools that are available. 

Last but not least, you have upholstered chairs, which give a unique style and ensure high levels of comfort. Dining chairs that have been upholstered in leather are very popular, but there are plenty of other options available too.  

Consider A Solid Wood Dining Table 

There are many different wooden dining tables to choose from, and there are many benefits to be gained by going down this route. To discover why you should consider a wooden dining table, read on.

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the stunning appearance of wooden furniture. Wood is a beautiful, timeless appearance. You cannot replicate the feel of wood furniture; it is one of a kind. And, when this is combined with the expert craftsmanship, the results are incredible. 

From contemporary designs to traditional, rustic dining tables, the options are well and truly endless. You will have no trouble finding something that is perfect for your home. It is not only the appearance of solid wood dining tables that is beneficial, but wood is a sustainable material. Therefore, by opting for dining tables made from the likes of Oak and Walnut, you know that you are contributing to a reduced carbon footprint. This is important for those of us that are environmentally conscious. 

Wood is also a material that has attained this incredible timeless status. It is unlikely that we will ever see the day that wood dining tables go out of fashion, and thus you can be sure of a stylish wooden dining table that lasts for years and years and looks incredible in the process.

How To Care For Dining Room Furniture

The way in which you care for furniture will depend on the surface. Generally, most brands create home furniture with lacquered surfaces. 

If your furniture has this type of surface, you should make sure that you use a damp cloth to wipe it every day, or at least every few days, after which grab a dry cloth to wipe it down again. If the furniture has become particularly dirty, or you are doing your monthly or fortnightly full house clean, you should use a cloth that was been dipped in a solution of water and detergent. Don’t go for anything too harsh, as this could damage the cabinet. 

After you have dipped the cloth, make sure you wring it very tightly, and then wipe the surface to get rid of any marks. Again, once you are done you should go over the furniture with a dry cloth. 

Finally, if anything happens to your furniture and it becomes damaged, make sure you opt for a professional furniture workshop. The last thing you want to do is partake in a bit of guesswork, which could end up causing more harm to your furniture than good. 

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