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A garden pond can be a beautiful backyard feature that is worth drawing attention to. Below are a few tips for making a statement out of your garden pond. 

Introduce unique fish

When choosing fish for their pond, many people opt for regular goldfish. However, there are many other different types of fish that you can keep in a pond from catfish to bluegills. Some people even add unusual fish like sticklebacks and sterlets. Adding different species of fish can help to make your pond all the more unique. Just make sure that all these species get along and that they’re all suitable for the size of your pond.

Add a fountain

A fountain can be a fun feature for drawing attention to your pond. Fountains can also circulate and aerate water in your pond, making it a healthier environment for fish. There are small fountains you can install yourself if you’ve got a small pond. Alternatively, if you’ve got a larger pond and are looking for something slightly grander, it could be worth looking into a fountain installation company. Choosing a design that fits the style of your garden. 

Add a waterfall

Like a fountain, a waterfall is a fun feature that will help to filtrate and oxygenate your pond. There are different ways to create a waterfall in your pond – you could have the water naturally cascading down rocks or you could opt for a more flashy rain curtain design. Larger waterfalls may be better off being installed by a professional.

Add a beach

You could consider opting for a sloped pond with a shallow beach area. This allows any wildlife that falls into your pond to easily escape, plus it can be a charming feature. A pebble beach is likely to be easier to maintain than a sandy beach. 

Experiment with different colored flowers

Make your pond more vibrant by adding lots of different colored plants around it. Pickerel plants can introduce a touch of purple or blue, cardinal flowers can add bursts of red and mosaic pond plants can add pops of yellow. Check out a few popular pond plants here. 

Light it up

Exterior lighting could help to illuminate your pond in the evening. Solar lights are great for adding an ambient glow. Explore different colors to give your pond a unique glow.

Build a bridge over it

If you’ve got a larger pond, you could consider adding a bridge over the top. This is a fun feature that allows you to look into your pond from above. In a narrower garden where the pond takes up a lot of the width, a bridge could even have a practical benefit of connecting two parts of your garden. An alternative option to a bridge could be a stepping stone path – this could be better as an aesthetic feature than a path for stepping over, as there could be a greater risk of falling in when crossing it. 

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