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The living room is where it all happens! It’s where you gather as family, entertain guests, and if you don’t have a separate dining room, it’s where you sit down to eat. It’s simply a lovely room to be in! But when it comes to designing your living room to look good, feel organized, and be a pleasure to look at, a lot of mistakes can be made. 

Because of that, if you’re someone who isn’t feeling too proud of the way your living room is set up right now, we’ve got some changes for you to make. Why not keep them in mind if you need a bit of inspiration right now? 

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Is the Sofa Right?

The sofa is the staple of the living room. Failing all else, you’re going to have a sofa in there! And if you’re unsatisfied with the way your living room is set up, why not start with this giant hunk of furniture in the middle?

Is your sofa the right color? Is it the right size? Is it even the right design? For example, do you have a small two seater when you would prefer a longer, corner couch? If you’ve got quite few family members, the latter would be best! 

How Do You Frame the Windows?

The windows are a big focal point in your living room, considering they take up a whole wall, and they let a lot of light and air in. Because of this, you might want to think about reframing them – don’t worry, you don’t have to rip them out and get new ones put in!

Simply think about changing the curtains, or the blinds, for a new type or color. There are plenty of Window Treatments out there, and all can be personalized to your interior needs, so why not look into improving the aesthetics of your windows here? 

What’s on the Floor?

The floor of your living room needs to be decorated in some way, and a good rug will go a long way to sorting that. Make sure it’s not too small, and only covers a tiny portion of your entire room – you need something that all the furniture can sit on. 

What Style are You Going For?

The style you’re going for might not be the one for you, and most of all, if you’re not mixing it with any other styles, your living room isn’t ever going to look comfortable and cozy to be in! Don’t let yourself all into the minimalist trap here – things look nice too. 

You need a good mix and match design in there, to ensure there’s elements of personality, and a ‘lived in’ look all those showrooms in the department stores are missing out on. Most of all, it’ll help you to feel like your living room can be moved around and changed, rather than feel like a place that needs to be clean cut at all times. 

Your living room needs a change! 

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