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My youngest is becoming quite the fashionista. I’m not sure how or why since this was something that I completely avoided as a child. But, for whatever reasons or another, she loves to dress up and wear dresses. While I really have no problem with that, sometimes it does become difficult to find affordable and adorable dresses for girls. Or at least ones that will hold up to the every day things she does. Thankfully we’ve found that.

Have you heard of DotDot Smile? They offer affordable and quality dresses for little girls.

We did receive a free dress to facilitate this post but that did not influence our review.

We’re pretty much set when it comes to where we shop.

She has her preferences and so do I. But, I don’t have a bottomless bank account so it’s not like we can go out on a spending spree every week.

Sometimes it seems that’s how often we’re buying new clothes- especially when she’s in another growth spurt. Because of that, I like to look for clothes that will grow with her but still look like they fit her.

This beautiful dress is a size 5/6 and reaches to just above my 3 year old’s ankles. I could pair it with a cardigan and leggings for the colder weather. Or put a long sleeved shirt underneath it as well.

For the warmer weather months, it’s fine as is.

And while she hasn’t worn it out to the playground yet, she’s gotten quite a bit of use out of it already.

Mostly, she’s worn it to church on Sundays but she also likes to change into her ballerina dress (her words, not mine) on an almost daily basis.

She loves the flowers and the skirt.

We absolutely love this dress from @dotdotsmile #sponsored #toddler #toddlerfashion

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Even if it does make her a little bit dizzy.

It’s one of the few times she’s willingly stood still for me to take her picture.

And as you can see, this dress is a nice length for her without it being too long.

We are absolutely in love with this dress! She loves it because she feels like a Princess.

I love it because the quality is amazing. It’s stood up to my active and curious 3 year old without losing the beautiful look that it had right out of the package.

The material is soft and I am so glad that we’ve discovered DotDotSmile. I’m not a huge fan of spending a lot of money on clothes when she’s only going to wear them once or twice. Only $34 for this dress! And I know that we’re going to get so much use out of it.

In fact, I think she’d sleep in this dress if I would let her.

But with DotDotSmile, I know that I’m getting adorable and affordable dresses for my daughter. And that every single penny is worth it.

Want to buy a dress for your little girl? Be sure to join Raina’s DotDotSmile VIP group! She is having a special layaway and I also have an exclusive discount code for you! Use code 10%KoriT until 8/31 to save.

It would seem that I have a budding fashionista on my hands. Here's our new favorite place to get affordable and adorable dresses.

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