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We are happy to be participating in Booking Across the USA and the author that we chose to cover is Sandra Boynton. She hails from New Jersey so that’s the state that we’re representing even though we live in New York. There are several reasons that we chose Sandra Boynton and we’ll also have a list of our favorite books and a mini printable pack for you.

Booking Across the USA: Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton was a favorite of mine as a child- I loved But Not The Hippopotamus and I remember having a few stuffed Boynton animals (an elephant for me and a hippo for my mom). So the fact that I can now share this love of Boynton books with Squeaker is great.

About Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton was born on April 3 in Orange, NJ but grew up in Philadelphia, PA. Since 1973 she has published more than 50 children’s books and audio CDs. You can read more about Sandra Boynton on her website.

Why We Love Sandra Boynton

Her writing style and illustrations are kid friendly and creative. But there’s also a touch of realism there to make it a little bit more relate-able to the actual animal. Her children’s books cover numerous learning concepts and topics including the alphabet, animal noises, and opposites amongst many others.

Free For You!

Before we get to our favorite Boynton books, here’s a free printable game for you! It’s based off of one of Squeaker’s favorite books at the moment- Moo, Baa, La La La and is based on matching animal sounds to the correct animal. You can also use the picture cards for a matching game or you can have it as an action game- whatever you’d like really 🙂

>>>> Download Here <<<<

Our Favorite Boynton Books

We could easily list almost all of her books here but I wanted to keep this to a top ten.

Please be advised that this list makes use of affiliate links.


10 Terrific Sandra Boynton Board Books for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers


I really can’t wait to do a unit study on Sandra Boynton with Squeaker. We’ve already covered animals, animal sounds, opposites, moods, the alphabet, and counting… and that’s just through our daily reading. She loves the books for the illustrations and fun text. I love them because she’s learning while just being read to and interacting.

These books are fun and timeless and I look forward to sharing them with her for years to come.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your introduction to Sandra Boynton if you haven’t heard of her already!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the fabulous authors in this Booking Across the USA tour!


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Carolyn Wilhelm
9 years ago

How fun to be from Sandra Boynton’s state! You get to share wonderful and fun books. Pinned! Thanks so much, Carolyn

9 years ago

I love her books as well. We have several of them for the boys. Right now our favorite is “Happy Hippo Angry Duck” it has been a good introduction to feelings for our preschooler who is now starting to learn how to navigate his emotions and the right way to act when we are upset, etc.

9 years ago

We love Sandra Boyton’s books. Thanks for all the information and the printable activity sounds great!

9 years ago

What a great printable, thank you! I honestly did not recognize this author’s name when I read your post title, but we have two of her books in our home and they are both great. “But Not the Hippopotamus” is definitely my personal favorite 🙂

Amy Ngai
9 years ago

We love Sandra Boynton books. We have quite a collection in our house. My son is four but he still pulls them out asking us to read them to him. It’s nice because we can pass those books along to his younger sister now (8 months). Thanks for sharing.

Susan Quackenbush
9 years ago

Wow, these look like such adorable books! My grandson is the perfect age for these and would just LOVE the Barnyard Dance! Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with us!

9 years ago

We have a few of her books and I like them!

9 years ago

I love printables! And weirdly enough we don’t have any of these Boyton books, though I do recognize some of them. Looks like we have some work to do lol

9 years ago

We have all of her books. These were some of my kids’ favorites when they were younger. The drawings and the rhymes were so fun. I always loved reading them to my kids.

9 years ago

My kids LOVE her books. We were just reading Snuggle Puppy. I like your top 10!

9 years ago

My kiddos always enjoyed her books when they were younger. One of our favorites was “Doggies” because of all the different kinds of dogs and we have always had dogs, so they could relate to the book!

9 years ago

When my kids were small they loved the Sandra Boynton board books. Their favorite was Moo, Baa, La, La, La. Not to date myself but as a kid I remember collecting her stickers! Glad I was able to stop by a fellow NYer blog!

Shelley @ Two Healthy Kitchens
9 years ago

So fun! I absolutely love Sandra Boynton! I think my fave from my kiddos’ childhood is “Barnyard Dance” … I pretty much had that completely memorized! Really great that you include a printable game, too!

Donella Crigger
9 years ago

We have Barnyard Dance and a couple of others. I need to check out more of her books. Kiddo is a total bookworm lately, and I love it!

9 years ago

Such a great author. My kids get such a kick out if her books, and so do I!

9 years ago

These books sound great. They are perfect for all my friends with toddlers. I especially like A is for Angry. I’m always in favor of books that help children explore their feelings.