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 Staying home to look after your growing children is an incredible full-time job, but the frustrating thing is that it doesn’t come with a paycheck. For some single-income families, this may come with several difficulties in attending to financial obligations.

 The good news is, there are plenty of alternative ways to earn extra money without leaving the house. Here are some excellent ways to make and increase your income as a stay at home mum.

Start a Blog

Many people have a blog and are making some good hands-free income from Google AdSense, affiliate commissions, and sponsored advertisers. With your blog, you can choose when to write, what products to promote and pick the ads’ types to feature.

 You may decide to start a food blog, parenting, fashion, marketing, home improvement—to mention a few. The topic choices are innumerable, and getting one up and starting a blog is as easy as clapping your hands.

Benefits of starting a blog:

  • Flexible working time
  • Low starting cost
  • You become your boss.
  • Impressive income potential
  • A perfect platform to write stories, share photos, and interact with family, friends, and even strangers. 

Do Affiliate Marketing

Do you know that you don’t need to possess your commodities or services to do online business and earn hefty cash? This is all about affiliate marketing. All you need to do is promote other people’s products or services, and when someone makes a purchase, you get a cut from the selling price. 

 You can promote other people’s items on your social media accounts or blog and build your income. There are several marketing networks like Amazon that offer ad links for bloggers to make some money from. 

Do Freelance Jobs

Many online platforms are offering freelance writing jobs, among other jobs that you can do remotely. Do you have a skill that people will pay for? Are you a good writer, transcriptionist, storyteller, graphic designer, or photographer? You’ve got a perfect chance to earn an income as a stay-at-home freelancer.

 A lot of stay-at-home mums out there make a decent income from writing guest posts for websites, blogs, and other publications. There are hundreds of thousands of people looking for freelancers to work on paid writing jobs. This can be quite helpful when you’re just starting to familiarize yourself with blogging.

 In addition to writing, you can also write and sell articles for cash! All you need is article writing skills, perfectly written articles, and a PayPal account to receive payments. There are several websites where you can sell your pieces.

Become a Virtual Assistance

Many bloggers worldwide hire virtual assistants to operate certain aspects of their sites, such as editing, managing writers, proofreading, and so on. 

However, the virtual assistant’s role isn’t limited to blogging jobs. It’s one popular instance. Being a virtual assistant means you can do anything you’re willing to do. Depending on your skills, you can look for virtual assistant jobs and market your services.

Benefits of becoming a virtual assistant:

  • You get to work on what you love most.
  • There are minimal or no start-up costs.
  • You can choose your working hours.
  • You can set your rates. 

Have a Mobile Storage

Having a storage moving container doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your house to run a business. With a blog or social media account, you can advertise and sell your stuff online. 

 You can dig through your old handbags, sports equipment, designer clothes, shoes, video games, and books, park them in your container, then post them online for sale. While selling your stuff won’t be a long-term income generator, you can eventually start selling other items like new clothes or books.

Sell Your Photos

 Are you a great photographer? Do you take lots of photos and end up deleting them from your camera? You don’t have to open a studio to make some cash as a photographer. A lot of sites are always looking to purchase digital photos.

 The better you’re at photography, the more cash you’ll make from your sales. You can take as many high-quality photos from your house, backyard, or any place and sell them to popular photo-buying websites. 

 There are innumerable ways to increase your income; it’s just finding what suits your skills and your family’s needs. This post outlines several tested and proven methods to make some extra cash without sacrificing your time with the kids or leaving your house.

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