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We all like to think that we’ve got a good handle on home security, but the truth is that many of us don’t. And it’s the very fact that we don’t know what we’re doing wrong that creates the issues. What we think of as normal behaviors could be putting our security in jeopardy. 

Here are some of the things that you’re doing that make your home less secure. 

5 Things You’re Doing That Make Your Home Less Secure

Putting The Boxes For High-Value Items In Your Trash

Let’s say that you’ve just spent $2,000 on a brand new TV for your family. While that’s great, it’s also a security risk, especially if you put the box in the bin afterward. The box is essentially advertising that there’s a high-value object in your house that burglars want to get their hands on. Electronics is the second most valuable item for criminals to steal, behind only cash itself. Where possible, therefore, you want to avoid advertising the fact that you’ve made an expensive purchase. 

Posting Pictures Of You On Vacation On Social Media

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Not knowing when you might be back is a significant deterrent for criminals and one of the reasons why they’re unwilling to target your property at random. If you’re home, it could make their lives more difficult. If you post images of you on holiday on social media, however, you’re effectively advertising the fact that you’re away. Criminals then have plenty of time to waltz into your home, raid all your drawers, carry out all your high-value items, and leave. The reason that they can do this is that they know that you won’t be back for a long time. After all, you’re miles away in some far-flung location. 

Failing To Change The Locks When You Move In 

One of the reasons people use the locksmith near me is to prevent previous owners from entering their homes. While former owners should hand all their keys over to the landlord or new owners when they move out, sometimes they don’t. Often they keep a set of keys for themselves, providing them with access to your property whenever they want it. 

Most homeowners, therefore, change the locks when they move in to rule out this possibility. Have you changed yours since you and your family took up residence? 

Using Window AC Units

Window AC units are a godsend for criminals. The great thing about them is that they’re easy to remove and provide enough space for burglars to crawl into your home

Leaving Spare Keys In Obvious Places

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While you might hope that by leaving the key in the plant pot outside your house, you’re fooling burglars, you’re not. Criminals know that people regularly leave keys in prominent places around their property and they’re good at sniffing them out. Once they have the keys, nothing is stopping them from breaking in and taking your possessions. 

Many people, therefore, choose more advanced locks, like smart locks, which don’t require a key at all. You just bring your device closer to the lock, and it’ll automatically open for you. 

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