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It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been living in your home or when you plan to one day let it onto the market for sale, upping the value now is a good way to get your home at the right price. If you love the idea of a remodel, you’ll be especially excited that you can add value to your house and really see a difference from the moment you do it. With the right updates and upgrades, your home can have some significant value added to it and change your lifestyle at the same time.


Some of the ideas out there that involve you making changes also equal a large commitment on your part, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. The result is what you’ll be paying for: style, comfort and function. Upgrades can be interior, with new flooring and new, thicker carpets, or they can be exterior such as new decking or roofing with the help of No matter which ones you decide to go with, you’re going to help your resale value massively. You need to make sure before you make any structural changes that you check out the building code requirements, safety requirements and compliance options, but otherwise you can bet that you will up the value of your home with the right renovation options. So, where do you get started? Let’s dive into some renovation tips that will add some significant value to your home today.

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  1. Upgrade the shower to a full wet room. You know that annoying lip or step at the bottom of the shower you keep catching your foot on? You actually don’t need that! You can change up your bathroom to a waterproofed space, ensuring adequate drainage and getting rid of that lip for good. This will help you to enjoy zero-threshold showers, and these are worth it if you want to add value to your home. You need to realize that one of the biggest trends are barrier-free showers in the bathroom for a good reason. You’ll benefit from the extra space and the stylish element you’ll have in the bathroom of your home.
  2. Cooler roofing is a good option. The world is going through a global boiling state right now and that means that temperatures in the warmer months are a lot more extreme than we’ve been used to. That means upgrading your roof is a smart plan and doing it now with better, cooler roofing materials is smart. Changing up your roof to include reflective coating, sheet covers and shingles will be a great way to up value, but so will metal materials.
  3. Rip up the kitchen and upgrade the countertops. The workspaces and surfaces of your kitchen are very much a reflection of your personality. If you ensure that your countertops are making a big statement, you’re going to ensure that they withstand the onslaught of meal prep, crafts and frequent spills. You don’t want something that you have to continue to maintain over and over only to watch them fade off. Better cabinetry and work surfaces will be a worthy investment and quartz is a material that you really do want to invest in. Let’s not forget that if you decide to sell – or even lease it out – it’s going to earn you some great money over time.
  4. Swap out your garage doors. Garage doors are a big thing in the home, especially as if you have a double garage, they will take up a large portion of the exterior of your home. You want this to look good, but you also need it to function properly. If your garage is used for something other than to house your car, you also need the door to be waterproof and keep the heat in, too. 
  5. Upgrade the under-flooring. Heated flooring is a jewel to have in a house that can be pretty cold in the winter months. No one wants to put their feet onto icy flooring in the morning when they wake up but with radiant heat under flooring, you can ensure that you have cozy feet every day. The best part is that you don’t have the rattling pipes beneath the floor because this is a much quieter system. Luxury on colder mornings as well as being energy-saving, radiant-heat flooring is going to be a popular option and a great way to upgrade the value of your home.

Image source: Pexels


  1. Change up the venting in your bathroom. Did you know you can buy automatic bathroom vent fans? These are going to help you to instantly upgrade the air quality in your house and while exhaust fans help to eliminate that post-shower mirror steam, you need a model with a good humidity sensor. This will help to activate that fan automatically and the result will be less energy wasted if you don’t remember to turn it off. If your house is an older model especially, this will be the best investment that you could make because you can guarantee no more mold. 
  2. Who needs a tank for their water heater? Well, with the right upgrade, not you anymore! You can get a tankless water heater and stop using so much energy to keep a large tank of water constantly heated. You don’t need that to be as on-demand anymore and these water heaters will last much longer than a standard unit. Sure, the upfront cost may be a little higher but it’s super worth it given the return.
  3. Expand the garden with new decking. With the right material, you can have a beautiful deck relatively quickly if you get some help with materials and planning. It can be a space for work, play and entertainment and you can have a big or a small deck, whatever you want. Your deck can be designed by you or you can hire a professional. Either way, you can bet that with the cost of materials you’ll find something that works for your garden and for the value of your house.
  4. Storage. One of the better ways to upgrade the value of your home is to add to it with more storage. Whether you install a butler’s pantry in the kitchen or you add a huge storage area in the loft, you’ll really be able to sell your home on its merits. You need to have a house that offers enough for all, including you while you live there. Your house having more storage is going to instantly improve the property value and your renovation doesn’t have to cost too much, either.
  5. Invest in solar. The last and best option for your home value to be increased is to invest in solar energy by adding panels to your roof. You can install batteries, too, to collect the surplus energy and with all of the tax credits and incentives that come with it, you’re going to find it a worthy investment. We won’t lie to you: the upfront cost is usually a lot, but it’s worth every penny if you can save energy and give it back in the long run. Let’s also remember that you’re adding plenty of value to your house with solar panels as well as giving back to the world!


Your home upgrades and renovations are going to really make a difference to your house value and if you do it right, you can ensure that you get that investment back later when you decide to go ahead and sell.

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