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The role of being a parent by itself can feel like a multitude of jobs all at once, and if you are to avoid burning out, you must recognize that your home environment needs to support you and be conducive to you being the best parent possible. Ensuring that your home is running at its optimum, by making it a healthier and more constructive space, is pivotal. With this in mind, what are the things you can do that will make the home far healthier for everybody within?

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Purify the Air

The first thing you should do is make sure that you are breathing clean air. Fine particles in the air are not just linked to issues with our breathing but could be a contributory factor to heart disease. This is where quality air purifiers can help to reduce the risk. Companies like Hunter Pure Air provide air purifiers that can help here. 

Planting a Garden

If you have a greener space, you are going to feel happier in yourself. You can start by having a plant in the property which can help to purify the air, but you can also plant trees around the property or start a small garden. There are many benefits of gardening, not least in terms of our mental health. If you spend more time gardening, there are also positive impacts on your physical health as well. It also provides a fantastic project for you and your kids to focus on. 

Decreasing Mold Growth

While we cannot remove mold completely, we can minimize it. You need to reduce your indoor humidity by between 30% and 60%. You can do this in simple ways by using the exhaust fan when you cook, using air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and making sure that you ventilate the property regularly. Mold can easily fester in humid environments, especially during winter months when we don’t open our windows. 

Removing Dust

Dust is one of those things that we all have within our property, but it doesn’t need to be everywhere. While we may not have the opportunities to spring clean every couple of months, we’ve got to vacuum the high-traffic areas frequently, but we can also minimize dust by reducing humidity in the property. We can also reduce dust by, very simply, having fewer things. When there’s less clutter, dust is not going to pile up as much. 

Get a Water Filter

A water filter for drinking water is a great way to purify it. We all deserve safe drinking water and a water filtration system can help to filter out harmful pollutants. You can easily purchase a water filter as well. Companies like LifeStraw offer a variety of water filters. 

Replace the Vacuum Filter

Replacing your vacuum filter is critical. If you don’t know if your vacuum filter needs replacing, the telltale sign is that you will see dust being left behind. 


It’s critical that we make our homes healthier for everyone. These are just a few simple things beyond having a healthy diet. If you feel healthier in your home, you are going to feel healthier in yourself and you will be a far better and more effective individual.


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