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Summer is already here and if your patio is looking completely disorganized and in need of some sprucing up then you need to act fast. During the summer months, a patio is a perfect place for your family to relax and enjoy not only each other’s company but the sights and sounds nature has to offer.

If you want to get things organized and looking their best but you don’t know where to start then you need a guide. Here’s a look at exactly what you need to do to get your patio looking its best for the rest of summer.

Restaining Your Patio

If your patio is looking a bit rough for the wear one of the best things you can do is to restain it. This can be a DIY project if you are feeling adventurous. Restaining your deck can make it look brand new.  

If the wood is looking worse for wear than staining it is a great alternative to replacing the wood.

You will usually need to start with a power wash. Use a bristle brush if necessary, and scrub the word thoroughly. 

Once you have done this you should let the wood dry for a few days. After that, you can go ahead and start staining the wood yourself.

 If after close examination you find that there are areas that need to be rebuilt you may have to call in a home builder to help you. Even if you do call in a home builder to help you replace boards, you can do the staining yourself.

Get New Furnishings

Adding a few new pieces of furniture to your patio is a great way to make it a more cozy space for your family. If you’re not in the market for new furniture you can consider, restaining your old furniture, or painting them in a different color. 

Sometimes all that your patio needs to make it more enticing is to add some accessories. Consider getting new throw pillows for the seats, or placing potted plants in strategic places. It’s small touches that help to make your patio more comfortable.

Add Lighting

The right type of lighting can change the look and feel of your patio at night.  You can try stringing lights on different columns. 

You should also consider going solar with the lighting on your patio. Solar lighting means that you don’t have to plug anything in. Illuminating your patio with solar lights can save on electricity and will prevent you from having to use any form of wiring. 

Get Started

Now that you have some patio upgrading tips at your fingertips, you can start looking at how you can begin decorating and organizing your patio.  

Making your patio comfortable and cozy will make summer more enjoyable for the entire family. Be sure to get ideas from them as well about your upgrade, once the whole family agrees on how to spruce up the patio, it will make the space more enjoyable for everyone.

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