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Now, while I’m not after having a six pack? I would like a flatter tummy. So I’ve looked and looked for tips for flat abs and not the same old, same old. I don’t want to do crunches, or variations on crunches, for hours. They’ve never been my favorite thing. I recognize that they can be effective, but I need variety in my home workout. It’s why I incorporate yoga into my home workout. But what else can be done?

How to Target Your Core

While there are certainly core exercises that you can do at home, it goes beyond just doing exercise. Yes, exercise is important and it’s definitely a factor. But it’s not the ultimate key to getting flat abs.

If you’ve tried to uncover those hidden abs beneath a layer of fat, it can be frustrating. However, this is usually because most people only try for a week or two before giving up, or only give 25% to it.

In reality, it is very easy to do; try incorporating the 6 tips we are about to outline for you into your routine and soon chiseled abs will be a permanent part of your physique!

6 Tips for Flat Abs That Don’t Involve Crunches

Improve Your Posture And Stance

Many people do not see the link between posture and revealing your abs, but even the leanest person will find it virtually impossible to reveal their abs if their posture is constantly droopy or slouched.

By erecting the spine in an upright position, not only is abnormal bulging in the tummy area minimized, but you also stimulate the core muscles making them stronger, and ultimately more likely to be visible over time.

Perform Full Body Workouts

This may sound counter-intuitive if you’re trying to get abs, but the fact is working on the abs solely does virtually nothing.

For one, the number of calories you will burn from working out the abs is very small, compared to that of working massive muscles found in the legs, back, and even chest.

The larger the muscle group worked, the greater the calories burned and subsequently more fat lost.

A full body workout performed three times per week, and abs trained no more than twice weekly is the best recipe for massive caloric burn.

Eat More Frequently

Now wait a second- doesn’t eating more make you gain weight? Is probably what’s being said in your mind.

While true, two things are vastly different when trying to reveal those flat abs:

1. You are eating smaller meals more often, not 4-6 full sized meals. This is to help spike your metabolism frequently throughout the day keeping caloric burning on high.
2. By eating more frequently, you are less likely to feel hungry. This in turn prevents you from eating everything in sight when you’re starved after not eating for 5-6 hours.

Be sure to include good quality protein, fats, and a little carb in each meal. Low to moderate carbs work best when trying to lose fat and reveal the abs.

Restrict Sugar

Sugar is the worst thing you can ingest when trying to get lean in an effort to display your six-pack. Apart from just being unnecessary, sugar results in unwanted hormonal responses following consumption, which stall fat burning and promote fat storage.

By restricting sugar, keeping your carbohydrates to the slow digesting ones, insulin is less able of bringing about negative effects on your body. Better yet, push yourself by restricting all carbohydrates; results will come much faster as body fat will need to be used as fuel.

Stay Consistent

Let’s be honest, you won’t be able to reveal your abs in a week or two, it’s virtually impossible. So, instead of setting yourself up for failure, be smart and make sensible goals.

Aim for 8 weeks at least, after which time you can analyze and see if changes have begun, or if you need to try something else. Don’t be hasty- you will get nowhere fast if you are.

Restrict Salt Intake

Some people achieve unbelievably low body fat levels, yet still never see their abs. why is that? It could very well be due to the body’s sodium levels. When we consume foods high in sodium, water needs to be retained to achieve an optimal blood concentration of this salt.

As a result of excessive water storage, bloating may occur, along with puffy muscles and no definition.

If you work out and diet hard, have a low body fat percentage and still see no abs, salt is the likely culprit.

So do you really want those flat abs?

How many of these changes could you implement today? As you saw, it is much more than going on a crash course for a week or two. Keep at it for at least 8 weeks and follow the tips outlined here and you will be on your way to washboard abs!

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