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Maintaining an organized home is hard enough at the best of times, let alone soon after you’ve moved. The process of packing up your life and moving it from one place to another will naturally create a lot of confusion and messiness. If you’re not careful, your new home ends up looking like a bomb site for weeks on end. To make things worse, the longer you leave everything, the less inclined you are to make changes. As a result, you end up with a disorganized home that doesn’t get any better. 

There probably isn’t any research on this topic, but you can make a wise assumption that most messy homes are only messy because they were never organized in the beginning. Other factors are obviously at play, but this is something to think about. Thus, the need to organize your home following a move is extremely high. Here are a few tips that will help you do this, ensuring you move into a house that’s actually very organized. 

Be smart with your packing

Truthfully, most of the work begins before you’ve moved to your new house. For many homeowners, moving is messy because you don’t pack everything properly. If you get removal boxes and throw everything into them with no purpose, don’t be surprised when your new home ends up disorganized. Instead, you have to do the simple thing of labeling each box depending on what’s in it. The best approach is to have boxes for each room, so you know where to unload them when you arrive at your new house. 

Consequently, you can bring all the boxes into your home, place them in their designated rooms, and unpack them. Everything in each box will belong in that room, so there won’t be instances where you’re throwing things out of a box trying to find an important item. That’s another point to make – place the most important things at the top of the box. In essence, pack them last, so you have easy access to them right away. It’s very simple advice, but you’ll be stunned at how much more organized your new house will be because of it. 

Take advantage of removal companies

Removal companies can help your move be more organized in a few different ways. Firstly, they can supply you with all the packing equipment you need to store items, keep them protected, and label them. More importantly, they handle the actual moving of boxes and items from the new place to the old one. As a result, you can do the entire move in one trip, rather than going back and forth. So, local movers can unload their entire truck, placing all of your boxes where they need to be. Not only that, but they can also unpack everything for you, and get rid of all the leftover packaging materials. 

Just like that, you’ve got a house that’s got things in the right places and doesn’t have loads of boxes or bubble wrap lying around. Also, moving on your own puts more stress on your shoulders, which usually leads to you neglecting certain tasks. Be honest, do you really feel like unpacking after making ten journeys in your car between your old and new houses? Most of the time, you’re more inclined to just sit down and do nothing. With a removal company, they handle the hard work for you, meaning you have more energy to actually organize your home. 

Tackle it room by room

A big mistake is to work on organizing your entire house all at once. For example, you may have unpacked everything in your removal boxes, but you still need to work on placing them in their desired places. So, you start doing this in the living room, then move to the kitchen, then the bedrooms, and back to the living room. You do a little bit of work in each room, but what do you see? No room is actually in a neat state, so you don’t feel like your house is organized. 

The correct approach is to focus on one room at a time. Unpack everything in one room, make it look organized, then move to another one. It’s a really smart idea to start with the rooms that you spend the most time in. So, when you finish, you have rooms that clearly show signs of progress. The rest of your home may still be messy, but you can rest easy knowing that your bedroom is unpacked and organized. Day by day, you make your way around the rooms until your entire house is fully organized!

Create room plans

Lastly, your life will be so much simpler if you have plans for each room. These honestly don’t need to be detailed at all, and you won’t need expert artistic skills to create them. Simply draw a square representing a room, then make doodles to say where you’ll place everything. You should take measurements, just to be sure that items can fit in the room together. When the plans are finished, you’ll be looking at a 2D version of your home, detailing how each room will be furnished. 

From here, you simply have to move things around to match your designs. It is so straightforward as you’re basically just following a plan and copying it in real life. If you didn’t do this, you could waste a lot of time and energy trying to figure out where everything in a room should go. Effectively, this idea lets you do the hard work on paper, rather than moving heavy objects and furniture around a room until you find the ideal placement.

Follow these four tips if you are planning on moving home in the near future. When you have an organized home, it can literally pain you to think about all the disorganization that occurs during a move. However, as demonstrated above, there are ways to counter this. All it takes is some smart choices and careful planning, and you can keep your home organized when moving houses.

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