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We all know that a leaking tap, blocked drain, or loss of hot water whilst you’re trying to wrangle three children through a busy morning routine of breakfast, teeth-brushing and school prepping is every mom’s nightmare. Thankfully, there are a few things you can add to your mum arsenal to prevent plumbing issues turning your morning, afternoon, or evening, into a disaster. 

Prevention is better than cure

There are several things you can do to prevent plumbing emergencies in your home. Regularly changing washers, and inspecting and maintaining taps and fittings will go a long way to preventing leaks, but also make your tapware last longer. 

Applying foam pipe insulators overexposed lines can prevent them from expanding and contracting as the weather changes, reducing the risk of a burst over time. 

You don’t always need fancy tools

There is a tool for every job, but sometimes, a homemade option does just the trick for a fraction of the cost. Don’t have a plunger? No problem, grab your mop and a plastic bag, and your toilet will be unclogged in no time. 

Some baking soda followed by vinegar is also an easy DIY solution for blocked drains and can be used regularly as a way to prevent future blockages and keep your pipes clean and free from bad smells. 

Know your home

One of the best ways to ensure you can respond quickly to a plumbing issue is to know your gas and water systems. Where are the shut off switches for the water and gas? Where is your hot water system located? Knowing the answer to these questions can save you time, not to mention prevent further damage, if a plumbing emergency should occur. 

Additionally, it is worth keeping all the tools that might come in handy in a central location, so it is easy to access when the need arises. Having them scattered through the garden shed is going to prove frustrating and time-consuming. Having a plastic container under the kitchen sink with some leak-sealing tape, a few old rags or towels, a large bucket or bowl, screwdriver set and wrench set is a great start to have you prepared for any plumbing situation. 

When to call a professional

Of course, some issues might need the assistance of the professional plumber – especially when the problem is not visible. A plumber will be able to use more advanced diagnostic tools, such as a video pipe camera, to get to the bottom of the issue. 

If you think you have a gas leak, a burst main, or have sewage leaking into the home, then you need to call your local plumber immediately to have the problem taken care of swiftly, and safely. Having the number of an emergency 24/7 plumber taped to the outside of your plumping kit in the kitchen will ensure you’re not hunting for the number at the last minute. 

By taking some preventative steps, and setting yourself up to be prepared in case the worst happens, you can ensure you will be able to respond to any plumbing problem quickly and efficiently. This will minimize any further damage, even if you do need the help of a professional. 

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