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Often after moving into a new house, things do not feel quite right. It usually takes some time for the house to truly feel like your home, and this can often make you homesick for your previous home. However, there are ways to solve this issue that will soon have you feeling at ease in your new home. 

Fill your new home with your belongings

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When people move into a new home, they try to fill their rooms up with plants and other trinkets that they have just purchased. Whilst this is a good idea if you need some new plants for your home, this can make a house feel impersonal as the belongings have not belonged to you for that long, and consequently can make your new house feel even more alien to you. Instead, it would be best to focus on displaying your belongings from your old home and making them the prominent features in your new home. This will make your new house seem more familiar to you, and soon you will begin to feel more comfortable once your big rooms start to fill up with your beloved trinkets. Items with memories attached to them will make you feel so much better than a fake plant!

Invite friends and family over

Nothing makes a house feel like home quite like a housewarming! A housewarming always creates great memories, and having your loved ones over for a good catch-up and tour around your new home will help you begin to feel that you have moved home permanently. If you are looking to help a friend make their new house more homey, bringing a bunch of flowers to a housewarming is always a welcome gift, and brings a spot of color to the house!

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Complete some big renovations

If you plan to make your new home your forever home, you should maybe consider carrying out some significant renovations. Doing this will make you feel as though your new home is a permanent one and will instill a sense of pride in your new home. A good starting renovation is updating your roof. Companies such as Avidus Roofing will come and work on your roof for you, meaning that you do not need to lift a finger! Renovations like this will highlight your presence in the home and allow you to make any changes to the building you want.

Spend time in your new home 

This is probably the best way to begin to feel at home in your new house. If you are continually working and socializing outside of your home, you will struggle to adjust to the new surroundings. Consequently, your new home will feel strange and unusual for longer. It would help if you invited friends and family over for a coffee catch-up and movie nights, allowing you to adjust to living your life in a new location. The more time you spend in your new home, the more you will learn to love it. You will soon find little nooks and crannies that you will grow to love, which will quickly have you feeling at home. However, be careful not to isolate yourself in your new home, as this can be very lonely and can create ill-feelings towards your new home; it is all about finding the right balance. 

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