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Moving home is a big deal and requires a lot of planning and effort. When you lock down the right removals company, this takes a good amount of pressure off the process and allows you to move onto the next phase.

However, the initial search for a reliable removals company is a tricky one. With so many competitors on the web and high-street, it can be tough to know who to get a quote from. Once you have done your research and find the right one for you, you’ll want to know what to ask. Asking the right questions will help you get the best quote possible and most tailored service for your needs.

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Questions To Ask Your Removals Company

This could mean the difference between a smooth move and not so smooth move. You want to have confidence in the company you select so ask these questions to get you off to a great start:

Do you send a surveyor round?

You will want to discuss your requirements in person if possible. You will also want the surveyor to confirm that they are fit for the job and have the manpower to move everything you require. Just so you know, a good removals company won’t charge you for this surveying visit. If they do, it’s best to move on to the next as they may not be so competitive.

Ask if they pack.

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A packing service can save you a lot of effort and trouble. If you don’t mind forking out a little extra, this could be well worth it. Let them know ahead of time what you expect from them and provide them with sufficient instructions so they know exactly what to do. Also, ensure they are upfront with the pricing structures.

Ask about storage options.

Finding out whether they themselves have storage or know of nearby facilities you can use.

Ask about their equipment.

You will want to know the types and sizes of vans they have. Also, asking about boxes they have and the types of strengths (double walled) will also go a long way. It’s worth knowing about special equipment they have to protect special items and furniture that may be more fragile.

Enquire about staff and insurance.

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Discovering if the staff are employed or work casually may make a difference to the quality of service you receive. Uniforms give off a good first impression and promote a more reliable connotation. You also want to know more about what insurance and items are covered throughout the move. You will find your insurance policies do not cover items being transported.

What happens if the weather is bad?

It’s also worth checking what the back-up plan is if the rain or weather is bad. They may even postpone the move if the weather is risky.

Asking the right questions can get you the best service and removals quote for your requirements.

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