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While Kyle and I have decided that we are done having children (with our blended family we do have 5 and that’s enough for us), the time may come where we change our minds. That doesn’t upset us in any sense because we had to keep in mind that my pregnancy with Squeaker was a bit difficult. I was on bedrest for the last trimester so, with Squeaker being as active as she is, another pregnancy just might not be in the cards for us. Still, I wanted to share my tips on motherhood for getting pregnant.

If you're trying to conceive, here are 7 tips on how to get pregnant.

#1 – Make Sure Your Timing Is Perfect

Timing really is vitally important when it comes to trying to have a baby. It takes the right time within your fertility cycle for the sperm and egg to get together and of course once that happens, a baby develops.

For this meeting to happen, you can’t simply leave it up to chance. But because the sperm likes to hang out once it’s released, you have a small window of time in order to get the job done.

You have about a 5 day window during the month in which you can get pregnant. First, figure out when your last period started. You can back up two to three months prior to help figure out your cycle average.

#2 – Find the Perfect Pregnancy Position

If you’ve heard that the position matters when you’re trying to conceive, then you heard correctly. The best position you can use to enhance your odds of conceiving a baby is to use the missionary position – also known as the man on top.

#3 – Rule Out Fertility Problems

If you’ve tried to conceive for at least a year and you haven’t used any type of contraceptive during that year, yet haven’t been able to conceive, then you may want to visit the doctor to rule out fertility problems.

#4 – Conceive When You’ve Been Using Birth Control

If you’ve been a long term user of birth control, then you may have some questions about being able to get pregnant. Being on oral contraceptive doesn’t impact your ability to get pregnant once you’ve stopped taking the pill, because your cycle will regulate itself.

#5 – Eat Right to Get Pregnant

The time to prepare your body for a pregnancy is before it actually happens. You can increase your odds of getting pregnant by making sure your nutritional needs are met.

You need to make sure that you’re eating a healthy array of foods. Eat lean meat and don’t forget your vegetables and fruit. When you’re trying to get pregnant, having a healthy diet isn’t always enough.



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